Thursday, March 20, 2014

Striking plasterwork


Belgian artist Alain Van Asbroeck loves to work with rough structures to give walls, ceilings and floors a special look.

For more than 25 years he is experimenting with all kind of plaster techniques and never uses one of these techniques for a second time.


9On the walls of his living room Alain brought on a mixture of lime and wax.

The original tiled floor was badly damaged and is now replaced with a number of plaster layers.

The gloss was obtained by the use of olive oil soap and by polishing the floor with a special stone.


11Plastered walls, ceilings and floors.


7The treatment of this oak kitchen sink cabinet became the starting point chosing the plasterwork for the kitchen walls.


8In the kitchen Alain mixed roots of plants into the layer of lime which he afterwards fixed.


10Kitchen walls plaster technique.


13In the bathroom, Alain used tadelakt for the sink, the bath and even for the floor.


12In the bedroom we notice the plastered ceiling.


15The artist even loves to give furniture one of his special plaster treatments.




To know more about the artist and his work, please visit the website of Alain Van Asbroeck at


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All photos with permission of Claude Smekens


  1. Dear Greet, the very first image with the rosy hues is amazing!
    Olive oil soap for gloss!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. His work is amazingly beautiful. I love the organic color and line.

  3. What a talent! Thank you for sharing this beautiful work…..

    Very best wishes to you Greet,

    Sophia x

  4. What beautiful work! Such an artisan...and congrats Greet on this month's Mileu! I know your involvement will only strengthen it's scope!! Wonderful!

  5. What a talented artist!! Such amazing work, Greet. The textures must be even more beautiful in person. Cheers, Loi

  6. Oh Greet ! En Belgique vous aimez vraiment les MATIÈRES !!!
    Superbe ! J'aime beaucoup la chambre, j'adore le petit lustre avec le long fil ! Whaou !

  7. I am in complete awe of these amazing images and an amazing talent. The kitchen sink cabinet is fabulous! Happy weekend, Greet~

  8. Hello Greet....what a gorgeous kitchen! I love the wall technique and the cabinets...I'm going to have to pin it!

  9. Love it all here, yet those kitchen cabinet doors have me thinking, yes I think I could recreate them in my home.

    Thank you for the inspiration.


  10. Greet,
    congratulations on the beautiful article in Mileu magazine this month.

    This post has several rooms I'd happily move into.

    Enjoy the first weekend of Spring.

  11. Great images, plaster gives new life to walls and interiors. Happy Spring!

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