Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Unexpected new look for an authentic paneling


The currently Paris based Belgian designer Ramy Fischler of the firm RF Studio, was asked to renovate and to breathe new life into a duplex apartment in a listed Art Deco building in Paris.

He wanted to get a lot of daylight into the paneled rooms and brightened up the rooms by painting the top of the French 18th century paneling with the same brilliant white as the ceiling.

The paint fades out, leaving the natural-finished oak visible.


2Living room    Image source here – Photography by Paul Graves


By taking tradition and craftsmanship as a starting point to create contemporary design, Ramy Fischler shows respect for authentic elements.

Although the paneling is given a modern twist, the rooms retain their authentic look but lighter and fluffier for the eyes.


7The making of the woodwork in the living room. Image source here - Photo RF Studio


4Dining room   Image source here – Photography by Paul Graves


8Image source here - Photography by Eric Laignel


6Image source here - Photography by Eric Laignel


5Image source here – Photography by Paul Graves


1Image source here – Photography by Paul Graves


9Image source here - Photography by Eric Laignel


Ramy Fischler founded his design firm in 2010. He is a graduate of the Ecole Nationale de Création Industrielle, ENSCI-Les Ateliers and was the exclusive partner of Patrick Jouin for nearly nine years.

To see more of Ramy Fischler’s work, please visit his website RF Studio.


I just love Ramy Fischler’s design approach.  Really brilliant!

What are your thoughts about it ?




  1. Oh Greet ! Oui j'avais vu cet intérieur dans une revue, l'effet de ce dégradé sur les boiseries est vraiment surprenant et original !!! Il faut oser ! J'aime bien les miroirs foncés dans la salle à manger, ça donne une drôle d'atmosphère...
    Bonne journée !

  2. It looks like someone has cabin fever.

  3. I have not earlier seen this done.
    And interesting experiment for public interiors, but not for a home.

  4. Thank you Greet for selecting this designer's work.
    Absolutely brilliant idea, gentle and daring at the same time. Synergy. Eureka!

  5. In interesting concept Greet…..thank you for sharing! Thank you for your kind comment recently, and the first bathroom is indeed my own! I hope you had a good (although brief!) trip to London……perhaps we can meet up for a drink next time you are over, if you have the time?!

    Have a lovely week,

    Sophia x

  6. It is an artistic finish that resembles the look of fog rolling in. I think the finish is more suited for a commercial property, especially for a business that has a design element. In a home it would always look as if the room is waiting to be completed.

  7. Thank you for sharing this interesting treatment. For me, ugh. I agree with Katherine. The rooms do.not look complete. I really like the laquer finish on the dining room table.

  8. Although an interesting idea, I feel it looks like it is an unfinished job. Not a fan.

  9. Gosh never have I seen such splendid modernization while keeping the classic! It is lovely and beautiful... Well mixed together with furniture and accessories and teir colours. Hugs z

  10. I really like the home design and the furniture pictures above this is pretty much awesome.
    interior designs.

  11. Good afternoon dear Greet! What an interesting and innovative technique I wonder how it looks in the evening - probably very magical - this post is why I have always loved your blog as it's always a surprise, informative and so creative! Warmest wishes from England - Glenda

  12. Wow all the clarity and precision of French thought wrecked by the the smear of a paint brush.

  13. I am not a fan. When entering this room, I would wonder what catastrophe had befallen the painter!

  14. I am not a fan. I agree with Courtney, I would wonder why the painter had stopped part way in to the project. I really think its terrible, truth be told. I'm going to bet that it doesn't stay that way for long. I'd love to follow up in a year and see if they have either stripped it back to wood or simply painted the entire room out white (as we did with a similar room in our showroom).

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  16. I love the look. But viewing it as a photograph vs. actually seeing it "in person" maybe would make me feel differently? Still, the people who are living with this must like it! So I will go with my first impression: I love it!