Monday, January 20, 2014

In love with libraries


As I have a passion for books, in particular interior design books, I love spending hours in our library.  When I need inspiration to design a client’s library or complete interior design project, I close the door of our library, put on my favorite music and start consulting my collection of interior design books.


1One of my favorite images is this library designed by Axel Vervoordt   Image source here

Can you imagine, sitting in a comfortable chair next to the fire place, curling up with a book? Definitely a treat for the soul!


Designing a library, you have to pay attention to details.

Notice the bookcase details here. Awesome!

4Image source here


And I do love to bring in secret library doors, if possible.

2Library design Axel Vervoordt   Image source AD July 2003 - Photo credit Durston Saylor


3Image source Pinterest


What I love more in all these shown libraries, is the painted back of the bookcases.

5Library design by Axel Vervoordt   Image source here - Photo credit Christian Sarramon


This is exactly what I did with the cabinetry in our own library.

6Library design Lefèvre Interiors   Photo credit Thomas De Bruyne


7I am still thankfull to my blog colleague Michelle Morelan for the rendering she made of our library a few years ago.


If you need inspiration to furnish or to decorate your library, I discovered an interesting feature on 1STDIBS with great addresses to find library furniture and accessories.

8If you are feeling bookish, click here to discover the 1stdibs library collection.


Wishing you all a wonderful day!




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  1. Hi Greet, I agree a rich paneled library is the ultimate...throw on a cozy fire, a great glass of wine and I am good for many hours! I love the beautiful examples you have shown...gorgeous.

  2. Did I miss your new livening room décor post or you haven't posted it.

  3. The Vervoordt's library at 's-Gravewezel is one of my favorites too! Next time I'm in Belgium let's go visit them - May is a wonderful cook!

  4. Each library is enchanting! Oh my, the rendering of your library is just breathtaking!

  5. Oh Greet ! Quelles belles inspirations, merci ! C'est cette semaine que notre petite bibliothèque va se construire ! Mais nous ne pouvons pas faire de porte secrète sinon nous allons chez les voisins... ! J'ai prévu aussi de peindre le fond, j'ai choisi du vert foncé : Green Smoke de F&B. Votre petite pièce est très subtile dans les couleurs, j'aime beaucoup et je vous imagine bien passer du temps à regarder les livres de décoration...

  6. J'adore les bibliothèques....
    Les tiennes sont particulièrement jolies!
    Lieve groetjes...

  7. So beautiful, all of them--of course yes yours especially! I am truly hoping that we can have a library in our next home. Our books are stacked everywhere so that I don't even see them anymore...

  8. I too love books + AV library is great + happy Tuesday

  9. Greet,
    I love libraries. These are beautiful.

  10. Greet, it is the old world charm and relaxation in a true sense! Secret doors and all, just beautiful... ciao Z

  11. Greet your library is fabulous, and what a treasure to have Michelle's rendering. Both of you - great talents!

  12. Dear Greet,
    Your library is so warm, gracious, and of course, to die for!!! I could spend hours there.

  13. Dear Greet
    We have been following your blog for some time now. I just wanted to say that it is a real source of inspiration for us. Thank you!

  14. A library is easily my favourite room in a house, I love your pretty library and the inspiration images are gorgeous too!

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  16. hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :) inspire..!!!