Tuesday, April 2, 2013

For the love of Belgian kitchens


I hope you all have enjoyed the Easter weekend! Here in Belgium it is still very cold for the time of the year. On Easter day it was even colder than it was on Christmas day! So we enjoyed the warmth of the fire place, browsing magazines and books.

I do know that you all love pictures of kitchens, especially Belgian designed kitchens. Let’s take a look at some new and some seen-before kitchen images.


This first picture definitely is one of my favorite Belgian kitchens. I love the combination of the white painted cabinetry, the ‘Witjes’ wall tiles, the Belgian ‘rouge belge’ marble of the counter tops and the Belgian blue stone floor. Notice also the steel door towards the living room.

5Source here


This is a kitchen made in the workshop of our company and decorated by me. Again, a Belgian ‘rouge belge’ kitchen island counter top. For the floor is chosen for carrara marble. Above the Aga stove, you will notice the moroccan zelliges.The oak kitchen island stools are designed and made by Lefèvre Interiors.

2Source Lefèvre Interiors


This is a kitchen designed by Walda Pairon, one of my favorite Belgian designers. The kitchen walls are entirely covered with the ‘Witjes’ tiles.

12Source Walda Pairon


Oak cabinetry and terracotta floor tiles, always a succesful combination.

10Source here


This is a light stained oak kitchen we designed for a client’s chalet in Switzerland. Counter tops and floor in Belgian blue stone.

1Source Lefèvre Interiors


In this kitchen I especially love the design of the kitchen hood and the painted beamed ceiling.

3Source here  Photo credit Marc Wouters


This is a more contemporary kitchen which I really love. The white colour scheme of the cabinetry, the walls and floor tiles are the perfect backdrop for adding this oak ceiling beam and doors.

4Source here


This kitchen is designed by the upcoming and talented Belgian architect Frederique Glorieux. In this kitchen Frederique has chosen for light stained oak cabinetry, kitchen island and table. Notice the modern lighting fixtures Frederique used here!

13Source Frederique Glorieux


All in white kitchen. Did you notice the painted windows and shutters? And again a remarkable kitchen hood.

9Source Belgian Magazine Stijlvol Wonen Maart-April 2013


Black and white kitchen.

6Source here


This is a sneek peak into a kitchen we are working on. The kitchen is not completely finished yet. I will post about it later! 11   Picture by me for Lefèvre Interiors


Here are the titles of some of my favorite inspirational kitchen design books.

2013-04-02_160502Beta-Plus Publishing The New Living Kitchen


Beta-Plus The 100 Best Kitchens & Dining RoomsBeta-Plus Publishing The 100 Best Kitchens & Dining Rooms


Beta-Plus KitchensBeta-Plus Publishing Kitchens


Beta-Plus Classic KitchensBeta-Plus Publishing Classic Kitchens


Beta-Plus Compendium KitchensBeta-Plus Publishing Compendium Kitchens


I do hope I have given you today fresh inspiration to design or redesign your kitchen !


If you would like us to help (re-)designing and manufacturing your dream kitchen, feel free to contact us at info@lefevre.be

For more Lefèvre Interiors realisations visit our website at www.lefevre.be




  1. The Walda Pairon kitchen and the Oak kitchen your company produced are my favourites. It's nice to see something different that shows some thought and obviously great quality.

  2. Love them, the first one and the second one Even more! Easter wearher was poor In the Czech Rep. Too(: as we are visiting my Parents for easter and we had 30cm of snow fall upon our arrival(((:
    Speaking of escaping the winter in Calgary we came into deep one here while at home we could have enjoyed the plus 14C weather. Silly, right?
    Hope Europe will warm up! Hugs z

  3. Hi greet

    Thanks do much for commenting on the progress of Patina farm. You were such an inspiration to us. I really look forward to hearing your thoughts. We are trying to bring a little Belgium to Ojai. We hope one day you can visit and stay in the guest house.

    Best Steve.

  4. Thanks for post! Wow niceFloor Tiles Totally Home improvement Solution TFO in australia.

  5. Bonjour Greet,
    J'aime beaucoup le marbre rouge belge, les carreaux "Witjes", les éléments en chêne, le sol en dalles noires aussi.
    Je préfère les cuisines à l'ancienne que les trop modernes que je trouve vides et froides !
    Bonne journée,

  6. I loved this post Greet! All so beautiful....particularly your own Lefevre Oak kitchen and the Walda Pairon design. Calm colouring and gorgeous contrast of textures - I would be happy with any one of these stunning kitchens.

    Have a lovely day.


  7. Beautiful kitchens and the light stained oak cabinets WOW! I used to curse my old oak cabinets and never thought oak could be stunning.

  8. very inspiring - love the clean lines and the calm colours

  9. I love the lamp on the counter of the Swiss chalet kitchen! Where can I purchase it? Gorgeous kitchens (except the black one).

  10. I so love Belgian kitchens, Greet, but think I love Walda's best of all. Thanks for all the kitchen images.

  11. The Walda Pairon kitchen is so very warm and welcoming ... lunch would be wonderful at that long rustic table.
    xo, Lissy

  12. Such gorgeous kitchens - love the steel doors in the first one and the second one that you did is stunning!! Can't get over the amazing stools!!

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  14. They are such beautiful kitchens! Warm, inviting, spacious and not cluttered!

  15. These kitchen ideas are appealing their beauty as it never ends.

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