Friday, March 1, 2013

Living room redo - update


I promised to keep you updated about our living room redo. Today I will show you the progress over the past two weeks.

If you are interested to read my two earlier posts about our living room redo, please click HERE and HERE.


Past week the parquet floor was treated to give it a gray weathered look.

1The natural oak boards flooring before.

This is how our parquet floor looked like after several treatments.

2After : the grayed floor.

What do you think about it? Do you love the look? We are very pleased with the result.



So far the parquet floor.


Previous Monday our employees started the montage of the paneling in our living room.

005Plan with the assembly instructions.


Start on Monday morning


Pretty exciting to see the trumeau coming in!


Some years ago we found the French 18th century walnut mantel in southern France at CHEMINEES ANCIENNES JEAN ZUNINO.


2013-03-01_105320I do hope to find antique mirrored glass for the chimney trumeau.

If someone of you does know an address in Belgium where I could find antique mirrored glass, I would appreciate if you would let me know.




Continuation on Tuesday


Notice the secret door towards our library.

We do have to ask Peter van Cronenburg for his help to choose the right doorlocks and hardware for the secret doors.

I love this doorlock and handle of Peter’s collection.

2013-03-01_105717Image source Peter van Cronenburg Architectural Hardware



Paneling with integrated secret door towards the entry hall.




The existing double door towards the dining room will be given the same patina as the one of the paneling.

We are still thinking about the color of the patina! It is really hard to choose!

PatinasExamples of patinas which will have to give the room an 18th century atmosphere.




Lighting fixtures and picture lights will be very important to create the intimate atmosphere.











So many things still to think about! As the choice of the window treatment.

Window treatment


This morning (Friday)


A meticulous job to add the paneling around the arched door.


Next week our employees Ines and Davy will continue the montage of the paneling and  they will have to add skirting, chair rails and corniches.

To be continued…


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Enjoy the weekend !




  1. Wat een klus hè maar het ziet er allemaal prachtig uit hoor! Er gaat veel tijd in zitten, dat is ook onze ervaring met onze slaapkamer. Maar als straks alles klaar is komt het grote genieten!

    Fijn weekend Greet! Lieve groet, Ingrid

  2. THat is sooooo cool! love the idea and the workmanship looks fantastic

  3. Chère Greet,
    Oh, c'est superbe, impressionnant ! Les boiseries, même non peintes changent complètement la pièce !
    C'est une bonne idée de mettre un miroir ancien, je ne sais pas où trouver ça !
    J'aime bien la moulure au dessus de la cheminée avec les volutes sculptées...
    Et le plancher est magnifique en gris aussi ! Quel traitement avez vous fait pour le griser comme cela ?
    Greet, ça va être très beau ! ( oh je suis presque jalouse... de mon côté il faut que j'active les menuisiers pour les devis... )
    Je vous souhaite un très beau week-end... plein de réflexions j'imagine.
    Bons baisers,

  4. Wow! Wow! Wow! Absolutely stunning! True art!

  5. Simply beautiful. How wonderful for you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing, it is a joy to see the progress.

  6. Oh Greet ! Je viens de comprendre que vous aurez 2 portes secrètes, une aussi qui va dans l'entrée... Ah, ah ! Quel changement !

  7. Es una autentica obra de arte. Gracias por compartir

  8. absolutely stunning. where do the secret doors go????? i adore secret doors! love the floor.

  9. The floor turned out fabulous + I will wait with anxious breath to see what is next. Isn't this fun!

  10. Hi Greet! The floors look magnificent!! Can you share what finish you used? I recently used Minwax's new color "classic gray" but they didn't turn out anything like yours. I had high hopes they would :-(((

    Thank you!

  11. The attention to detail is absolutely exquisite and beautiful. I look forward to seeing the decorated space. Similar to other readers, I would also like to know what treatment you used on your oak floors - they are gorgeous!

  12. LOVE the floors! Please share your secret on how to get that color. The U.S. is dying to know :)

  13. So beautiful, elegant yet welcoming...just like you!
    Can't wait to see the finished product. Everyone is going to want to copy this. ;)
    Bon Weekend!

  14. Beautiful! So lovely to see excellent design, quality and workmanship!

  15. Love the new finish on the floors, Greet, and can't wait to see what you choose for the walls. Thanks for sharing - it's such fun watching the continuing evolution of your house!

  16. Greet,
    It's going to be spectacular. I can't wait for the finished room.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  17. Hello Greet,

    This room is going to look stunning! Love the floor finish and the panelling is fabulous.......can't wait to see the finished result!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Sophia x

  18. Your living room is more beautiful all of the time. I adore the grey parquet floor! It's fabulous and the walls and fireplace are looking wonderful, too!!!
    I know you must be so excited to see it all coming together. Have a good weekend.

  19. I love your floors. I noticed that you called them "parquet" and wondered if that means they are glued onto your subfloor or nailed. Like so many other readers, I love the matte finish and gray color. I am having a chevron floor installed. Some of the installers I spoke with want to nail it down and the others prefer to glue it. Those folks referred to it as parquet.

  20. The tone on the floor is beautiful - very elegant. The craftsmanship of the paneling is outstanding.

  21. Ooooh wat geweldig mooi, Greet! Ik zie het al voor me hoe het er uiteindelijk uit komt te zien als het straks helemaal klaar is. Een heel werkje, maar wel met een groots resultaat! Je zult het Franse gevoel uiteindelijk helemaal gaan beleven. Succes!

    Een heel fijn weekend!

    Lieve groetjes, Helena

  22. The living room is looking fabulous, Greet.

  23. Greet!

    If you weren't so wonderful I think I would be jealous! I have seen this room in a dream...



  24. Lovely! You are adding character, mood, soul to your room. I am so excited to see your vision become reality. Keep the progress reports coming!

  25. It's wonderful ! I love the floor and the secret door. It's just sooo fine. Please, show us the result soon !! :)


  26. Looking fabulous Greet! I cannot believe how much has happened in just 2 weeks! You are making great progress...looks just beautiful and yes I love the floors. Can't wait to see the finished product!!

  27. AMAZING wooden floors:) I hope everything Is okey with you and I hope this project will turn out just the way you want It to:)

    If you want to see a lovely shop..check out my new post:)

    have a great weekend dear

    LOVE Maria from

  28. the floors look amazing in grey, greet. it's exciting to see this process unfold and helps to understand all of the hard work and exceptional craftsmanship involved in the undertaking. i would love to run my hand over the panels--so scrumptious!

    happy weekend to you.


  29. Those floors! I agree with everyone... they are beautiful.
    How do you achieve the chalky finish without any shine? It seems to be impossible to get that finish here in the US with such authenticity.

    The paneling details are just spectacular. I would expect nothing less from LeFevre Interiors :)


  30. Greet I absolutely love the color of your floors they turned out so beautifully. You must be so excited to see your living room come together because I know I am. Thank you for sharing you re-design!


  31. The floors are beautiful, love the grayed tones. This room looks like its going to be incredible.

  32. It's going to be so beautiful, Greet. Love the grayed floor. So much fun to watch your garden house, your garden topiaries, your garden room and now your living room evolve. A real masterpiece with your perfect taste behind it all.

  33. Greet-
    This room is stunning. Every time I see something you have done, I think it can be outdone, and there you go!!
    Just absolutely stunning, friend!
    Happy Sunday.

  34. Beautiful -- can't wait to see the finished product!

  35. Wat een project, maar dat komt helemaal in orde! Ik ben benieuwd. De geheime deur is fantastisch.


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  37. It is stunning! Beautiful floors and the paneling! Gorgeous.

  38. Hello Greet,
    Everything looks great and I love the Parquet flooring.
    Can't wait to see the end result.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x

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  40. Greet... your panelling and flooring looks fabulous... it will be stunning when it all comes together... Not long now... and I can't wait to see the finished job... Your home is otally wonderful... xv

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

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