Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our Christmas home decoration


First of all I want to thank you for all the sweet and nice comments and emails I received about the Lefèvre Interiors new website! I was thrilled ! Thank you my dear readers! I appreciate you have taken the time to write me!

Today I want to share with you some pictures of the Christmas decoration at our home.

This year I wanted to keep it modest and simple.  By the way, did you notice that, in general, Christmas decoration is much more modest than we knew it the previous years? Does financial and economical crises influence the way of decorating our home for Christmas?

DSC_0032This year I have chosen for a more modest tree than the traditional Christmas tree we are used to.


DSC_0035A wicker basket filled with pine cones and greenery.


DSC_0026Christmas gifts under our tiny Christmas tree.


DSC_0130A wooden bowl filled with pine cones and Christmas balls.


DSC_0022A lit candle on a slice of wood, decorated with greenery.


DSC_0049A lit candle, chestnuts and greenery in a vase on the kitchen table.


DSC_0121A decorated tray on the dresser at the entry hall.


DSC_0125Christmas balls tied up with a knot.


DSC_0120Decoration on a window shelf.


DSC_0117Greenery and red berries hanging next to the cupper pans and a bunch of mistletoe at the windows. Inspiration to decorate the kitchen I found at Mona’s blog Providence Ltd Interior Design here. Thank you Mona! Love your Christmas home decoration a lot! 


DSC_0110Red berries on the coffee table in our living room.


 DSC_0129I added only one glazed Christmas ball at the tray with dates.


DSC_0127The hurricane on the mantel of our living room, I brought home when we visited Walda Pairon (see my post of Walda here).


Even at the outside of the house I have chosen for a very sober decoration.

DSC_0092Holly branches on a tree trunk slice and a fir festoon around the front door.


DSC_0093Next to the holly branches we also added a few naked branches.


DSC_0124And to make this year’s Christmas decoration complete, I added a wreath on both windows at the frontside of the house.




I do hope you enjoyed our Christmas decoration!



All pictures by me.


  1. Mooi hoor Greet, ik vind het heel sfeervol. Overdaad schaadt, ik hou zelf ook meer van sober dan van veel! Mooi om de entree ook in kerstsfeer te brengen!

    Lieve groet, Ingrid

  2. It all looks so beautiful and so chic Greet, but I wouldn't expect anything less from you! I too have "toned things down" this year, small tree in a beautiful rusted urn, lots of natural decorations. I particularly love the decorations around your doorway outside, inspired by Mnr Vervoordt perhaps? Love it all.

    Angela xx

  3. Beautiful, simple and chic Greet. It doesn't get any more lovely than this! :D

    xo Terri

  4. I love the tree slices as a base for candles and tree branches. Wonderful!

  5. It is a really fresh and natural kind of decoration, and I think totally in keeping with the hardship currently in the world. Nature is the most important resource which we have and a perfect spirit lifter. Enjoy the holiday season!

  6. I love all the natural elements of this beautiful Christmas Decor...
    Ciao for now...

  7. Very pretty Greet, love all the natural elements, the greenery and pine cones...I have used a lot of that myself and love that you sprinkled a little holiday magic throughout the house!

  8. Greet, I don't think your decorations are sober but I definitely understand what you mean! This is the first year in MANY years that I haven't hired someone to do all of my decorations and I've just tried to recreate! All because of money and I just don't want to fool with it! I love this post!

  9. Greet-
    It is all beautiful, which is no surprise. You are a talented lady.
    Happy Wednesday.

  10. Chère Greet !
    Merci de nous montrer ces photos de chez vous ! J'adore ! C'est sobre mais c'est du travail quand-même pour installer tout ça !
    J'aime particulièrement la guirlande sur la porte d'entrée, et les boules rouges au dessus de la cuisinière ! Je vois que les beaux livres sont toujours sortis... Nous avons vu un menuisier pour les boiseries, en fait nous allons mélanger les anciennes avec des nouvelles. En ce moment je repeinds les poutres du plafond en gris, cela me change de mes aquarelles mais j'aime bien aussi m'occuper un peu de la maison !
    Bonne journée,

  11. Good morning,
    I'm a new reader and I found your blog so beautiful! Your decorations are simple but so elegant, they married with the style of your home. The crise influence each day of our life, but for Xmas all must be perfect.
    Have a nice day

  12. Prachtig kersthuis!
    Groet, Marjonel

  13. I love all the holiday touches throughout your home. It really makes this time of the year very special

  14. Mooi Greet, vooral de krans op het raam!
    Ik ga even je nieuwe website bekijken.

  15. Your decorations are always so elegant and simple. Love the tiny Christmas tree!!! Will you plant it in your garden in the spring? Last Christmas I cut a small branch into slices and made tiny little trees and decorations with dried leaves and seed pods as part of our mantel decorations. beautiful and fun to do.


  16. These are beautiful + Specifically loved the slices of wood as holders. Happy Thursday here in rainy

  17. Everything looks simply elegant. I love everything you did...just as christmas should be!

  18. It is as Christmas is gentle, on the mind, deep in soul, and celebrated with all it's beautiful elements.

  19. Greet,
    It's so lovely, simple really is best.

  20. Beautifully done.. I am a big fan of spaces with just touches of christmas, simple and elegant.

  21. i am with you all the way, greet. very understated, scaled back, natural, and quiet. this is also what appeals to me. we have only one little tree, and i have friends who have trees in every room so i am considered a conservative decorator!

    i must gather pinecones from the forest and then i shall be done!

    smiles to you.


  22. Everything is exquisite, simple, understated yet the decor's message comes through like a light. I love! the wood slices with branches! I'm following now. blessings, lady

  23. Très jolie ambiance!
    Je te souhaite un Joyeux Noël, ma chère Greet???
    Lieve kussjes...

  24. I couldn't agree more with you Greet, this year it isn't right to do something over the top at all. I'll be posting on our "Christmas Branch" later today--you will see we are feeling the same!
    Everything that you did decide to do is just beautiful. I always appreciate that your home is very elegant and yet always welcoming!!
    Gros, gros bisous et des scratchies pour Mango. ;)

  25. Hello Greet,

    This style for christmas is quite new to me. But, it all looks beautiful and refreshing. This is very good work and we expect nothing else from you of course :-) You might have found inspiration by Alex Vervoordt?

    Lovely weekend...

  26. Your decorations are so beautiful Greet... I do love the whites and the silver... the less colourful... although this year I felt I needed more colour... for the same reasons that you have chosen a quieter scheme...
    Congratulations on your new site... as fabulous as expected...
    Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the holidays... xv

  27. So beautiful and your home is so warm and inviting too. I can only imagine the wonderful scent of the fresh pine...I have an artificial tree but I am going to Home Depot to get some fresh limbs and try and do a table piece like you did.

  28. absolutely enjoyed this tour greet. the simple and natural decor so becomes it surroundings, cannot imagine any other decor.
    really loved the exterior of your home, particularly the branches in wood slices.......beautiful!
    christmas blessings to you

  29. ja, je hebt een punt, de mentaliteit weerspiegeld in de decoratie

  30. Just gorgeous! Love the simplicity of it all. Beautiful!

  31. The elegant simplicity of it all is beyond wonderful!


  32. Hello dearest Greet,
    Your Christmas decor is gorgeous, I love all of the greenery and pinecones with candles. You do sober and simple very beautifully. Every little thing is lovely, even the mistletoe on the pretty window.
    Hugs, Cindy

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    Your tree has a great appeal!
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  39. Hi Greet...I have taken a similar approach too. The simpler, the better. I tried to use mostly natural elements whenever I could. I stopped using gaudy decorations ages ago - and this year was, by far. my most sober. I think the economic conditions definitely have an effect on how we decorate. I think that just about all bloggers decorated their houses this way, this year.

    Here on Long Island, we still see overly lit exteriors with, sad to say, those horrible inflatables on the lawn - but in my home inside and out - it was simple and natural.

    Merry Christmas to you! By the way - I love some of those pinecones you have in your home - haven't seen them here.


  40. Dear Greet,
    A late reader of this blog but I must comment on the simple beauty of your decorations. I love the candle with chestnuts and greens and the use of log slices. I'm sticking them in my mind for next year.

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  43. Love it all!!!! home decorative accessories and will use some of these ideas!

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  49. I love your Christmas decorations. You found some amazing things at this time of the year. I have been recycling and teaming much of our Christmas decor.

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