Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas decoration ideas


I noticed lately, that a lot of my blogger colleagues posted about their Christmas decoration and shared the most gorgeous inspirational images!

Next weekend I will try to decorate our home for Christmas and the images I filed will definitely help me with it.

I decided to share them with you today and I do hope that some of them will also inspire you.

Enjoy !



I have always loved to use white candles and love the reflection of their light in a mirror.



It’s all in the details !



Oh so cozy !


6source unknown

Gorgeous idea to use hazelnuts as decoration.



I will bring in a lot of pine tree branches as displayed here.



And oh yes of course, not to forget the pine cones !



Silverware, green branches and pine cones ! What a gorgeous combination !



Or display your pewter ware in combination with the Christmas branches.



Even the kitchen, I love to have it decorated for Christmas.



Love this!



Branches around the doorways !



Or fill your wicker baskets with green and bring on the Christmas lights !



My favorite image! I am thinking about an alternative for a traditional Christmas tree this year! Love this way of a more sober decorated tree.



12source unknown

Yes! yes! yes! More sober decoration this year! I am convinced !

17source unknown

Sober, simple, perfection !



Simple and beautiful !



Burlap stocking.



Gypsophilia hanging posies.



Red berries.


11source unknown

Table decoration.

1source unknown



The image above is a picture of my friend Mona of Providence Ltd Interior Design blog.

I definitely will hang a wreath between my copper pans as you did here Mona ! Beautiful !

You really should take a look at the post Mona did about the Christmas decoration at her home here and here !

Thank you dear Mona for sharing all these inspirational pictures of your Christmas decoration ! Your home looks so inviting!!

20source unknown



My friend Monika of Splendid Willow blog returned from Sweden with a lot of gorgeous items she offers at her webstore! As the reindeer hides ! She posted about all here finds here.

Monika placed the hide over one end of her dining table as she shows us here in the picture below.

Please visit Monika’s webstore Splendid Avenue to discover more of her Christmas finds!




Christmas table setting, again sober and simple.




Chandelier drops as window decoration.


42source unknown

Or a sober window wreath.


And what about the decoration at the outside of the house ??!!

I have always loved the way Axel Vervoordt decorated the entrance of his castle with guirlandes. I might think to try this as well at the frontdoor of our house.

33Entrance at the château of Axel Vervoordt. (picture by me)

43My sister at the château of Axel Vervoordt. (picture by me)



Guirlandes and lanterns at your fence.


24source unknown

Touches of Christmas on your outdoor furniture.


31source unknown

A Christmas wreath on your window or door! An evergreen.





Lamppost decoration! Never thought of this before?



8source unknown

Christmas wreath in a tree.


Did you enjoy this post? Are you inspired by these images?




  1. Nou en of, ik kan mij niet voorstellen dat er iemand is die uit niet één foto hier haar inspiratie vandaan haalt. Ik vind het prachtig hoor, vooral de sobere plaatjes...die trekken mij het meest!

    Lieve groet, Ingrid

    1. Love how you have captured the vintage and worn look of the Christmas Candle Decorations and using the mirror reflection is a great tip!

  2. Greet !
    Il faut que je sorte mes décorations... J'aime bien les couronnes en buis ! Et aussi le cercle avec la bougie devant la fenêtre !
    Oui quand c'est simple et sobre c'est beau !
    Bonne soirée !

  3. Great ideas, Greet! Thanks as off I go to create! Cynthia

  4. Very inspired Greet. I love the natural elements in holiday decor; include candles, gorgeous ribbon, the greenery. Voila!


  5. Greet! These are such perfect ideas! We only decorate with natural materials outdoors, so this is a perfect source of inspiration!



  6. Lovely images, Greet. My Christmas decorating is always on the simple side - mostly greens and candles. I quickly grow tired of anything too elaborate - I also like to refresh and change things a little during the month. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

  7. Greet!
    I love these wonderful images of great inspiration. It's been 77 degrees (Fahrenheit) here and hard to get motivated. I will certainly incorporate some of these in my home.
    All the best to you for a wonderful Christmas season!

  8. What a glories post! Simply love it! I found lots of idea and will be back on this one to see it again. Love it!!!!
    Greets Caroline

  9. Really beautiful, great ideas, tomorrow is festivity in Spain "The Constitution day" so this is the day we chose every year to pick up pineapples and branches to decorate. thank for sharing all this ideas

  10. Mooie sfeervolle en inspirerende foto's.

    Groeten, Marjonel

  11. Just wanted to let you know that the gypsophila balls image, which is credited as "pinterest" for the source is actually by the very talented Melbourne floral studio, Cecilia Fox. They posted it on their blog.

    Sorry to sound grumpy, but it is distressing to see how creative types do not get the correct credit for their work. I'm sure as a decorator yourself, you would suffer the same fate, I imagine.

    And on a happier note, there are some wonderful inspirations in your collection. I love the old basket of greens and fairy lights.

  12. I have to bookmark this post. Soooo beautiful, so many wonderful ideas. Love your take on the holidays Greet!

  13. All wonderful and inspiring photos Greet. There are many beautiful ideas here. I really like the photo of your sister. You are both beautiful girls! :D

    Please come over and check out my latest post, about a local store that I know you will love. It has some lovely things for you to admire (lots of things from Belgium!).

    xo Terri

  14. oh greet! i love monika's reindeer hide and the baskets and the hazelnuts annnnnnnd the simple wreath with the exposed wire. so much inspiration, my list just got much longer.

    smiles to you and hope you'll pop over soon.


  15. Isn't this such a wonderful time to let loose our most creative inspirations? For abundance is what it's all about! I love your images, I shared mine as well a few days ago!
    Come and see if you have time! Happy holidays dear Greet!

  16. Hello my dear friend!

    How are you doing today?

    These are incredible ideas! I love so many of them, Greet!

    I hope everything is great with you.


    Luciane at

  17. Beautifull pictures!! Wow. Greetings from Alie, Holland (Huisje Weltevree)

  18. Of course I was inspired! I actually was considering making the chandelier drops for my windows but as I do need to open them, I am afraid they will leave scratches. :( And I am also thinking of going a different way this Christmas for the tree too...As for Monika's reindeer hides, I can't afford them this year but wow are they beautiful! And for me it is good that they are making use of the hide as the animal was taken for its meat. Maybe next year!

    I saw my dear friend Virginia's comment (Glamour Drops)--trust me, she is not cranky! :)
    Hoping you are all well up in Belgium. I am wondering if you have snow yet? I am hoping we will have a little in Provence this year...
    Gros Bisous,

  19. Beautiful inspirational images Greet.
    Hope to start decorating our house this weekend too!
    Hope you have a lovely day,
    Liz x

  20. Dear Greet,

    This is like a Mecca of Christmas - if I may use that contradiction! :)
    So many wonderful and festive ideas to take in and dwell on.
    I too am holding off on my holiday decor until next week as I like it to feel and look fresh for the actual Christmas days.

    Sweden is wrapped in a thick blanket of snow and it just keeps on pouring down. It looks divine and puts us all in a Christmassy mood!

    Lots of love

    x Charlotta

  21. Greet, I really got some good ideas from your post. I haven't finished decorating our home and I haven't even started the tree. I saw more than one great idea I'll be putting to use in our home. Thank you. I can't wait to see what you do, I so admire your style.
    Karen at Garden, Home and Party

  22. Olá Querida!

    Adorei seu blog, são imagens lindas e ótimas idéias para inspirar neste natal.



  23. Hello dearest Greet,
    Your inspiration is gorgeous, but I know your own creations are going to be equally fabulous! I cannot wait to see it. :) I'm serious I know it will be well worth seeing. I have loved seeing and using the natural elements such as pinecones and branches of all sorts.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

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