Monday, March 12, 2012

Relaxing spring weekend

I hope you all have had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.
Jan and me were looking forward to a calm and quiet weekend after a few very busy weeks.
Jan was working in the garden a few hours because we really had a beautiful spring weekend here in Belgium and yesterday he went with our dog Ralph for a walk in the countryside of Brakel, the village where we live.
As he hadn’t his camera with him to take pictures, I googled to find a few pictures of the countryside of Brakel.
10 Source : unknown
5The church of our village.  Source : here 
7 Source : here
3Source : here
6 Source : here
2 Source : here
11  Picture by me

While Jan was walking I went horseriding. After my fall in november last year, I ride Mango again since January. I am still very cautious and do not take much risks.
I love being with Mango to take care of her, to brush her and to treat her well. 
Foto 009
Foto 34
Foto 025 I wear a protective jacket.

Foto 013 Doesn’t Mango look wonderful and healthy at her age of 17?

Foto 001

And what about your weekend?



  1. Prachtig paard heb je! Ik heb vroeger ook paardgereden, maar ik ben gestopt toen mijn dochter klein was. Paarden zijn dieren met een fantastisch karakter en dan die ogen daar kan je in verdrinken die zijn zo sprekend en stralen zoveel uit. Ja ja ik ben ook een paardenliefhebber!!!
    Mijn weekend heb ik heerlijk kunnen werken aan een nieuwe creatie die ik hopelijk voor het eind van de week op mijn blog kan zetten.
    Lieve groet,

  2. It makes me so happy to see you back with Mango, Greet! I know it takes courage to keep going after such a bad fall but you know how it is worth it. Such a sweet expression she is. I know that I would spoil her with treats!
    Have a wonderful week,

  3. Prachtige foto's Greet!!!!....fijn dat je hebt kunnen genieten van je weekend.....ook dat is belangrijk na een drukke periode ....even de boel de boel!!!!!
    De omgeving is mooi....geen straf om een blokje om te gaan....genieten met een grote G.
    Ik hou van paarden maar graag op afstand....van dichtbij word ik er bang van....ik weet niet waarom.
    De vooruitzichten zijn supper....dus wellicht nog meer ontspanning.....heerlijk bezig zijn in de tuin....lekker wandelen met de hond.....als het maar buiten is.....hier worden we weer blij van.
    Ik wens je een fijne week toe & lieve groetjes,

  4. Hi Greet what a magnficent countryside and what a spectacular place to go walking! You and Mango look so comfortable together!! Yes she looks incredible for 17 wow!! Enjoy and be safe:)

  5. Ohhhh look at you beautiful! GIVE MANGO A HUG FOR ME; I LOVE HORSES! How are you dearest??? Anita

  6. Absolutely gorgeous...both your beautiful Belgian countryside and you & Mango. What a perfect picture, Greet.

  7. Your town is beautiful and reminds me a lot of my town. Mango looks wonderful and so glad to hear you're back to riding her. You sound like you had the perfect weekend!


  8. Such a pretty town and countryside. I like the images of you and Mango - two friends loving and trusting each other. Nice!

  9. Mijn beide dochters hebben vroeger op paardrijles gezeten, dus we hebben menig uurtje op de manege doorgebracht. Ik vind paarden prachtige dieren, maar op de manege zaten er ook een paar hele eigenwijze exemplaren tussen die ik nooit helemaal vertrouwde.

    Maar het was er gisteren inderdaad heerlijk weer voor. Hier is ook hard gewerkt in de tuin, later hebben we ook nog een uurtje genoten van de zon in een luie stoel.

    Ik wens je nog een fijne dag! Lieve groet, Ingrid

  10. What lush greens! Soon the buds on the trees will be opening, too! Mango looks fantastic - happy and curious. Glad to her you're riding again. It's hard to get back at it after a hard tumble.

    I had hoped to get a little yard work done this weekend - but never got to it. Several new projects are starting up as we finish a few smaller ones, so I was in the office most of the time. I did get out on Sunday to do a little antique shopping for our May Show House project. I need to do that more often.

    HAve a great week!


  11. i adore european villages and brakel is no exception

    you and mango make for a stunning combination!
    wishing you a lovely week!

  12. Greet-
    I love churches and the tiny one just melted my heart!
    You horse is so beautiful. Nothing more beautiful.
    I added your company to my blog shop list.
    Happy Monday.

  13. Bonjour Greet,
    Merci pour cette petite visite dans l'écurie de Mango ! Elle a l'air d'une jument bien solide. Combien mesure-t-elle ? Il me semble qu'elle n'a pas de fers ? C'est sûr si on ne sort pas souvent sur les chemins ce n'est pas utile de ferrer. Mon cheval en ce moment est ferré juste à l'avant, et bientôt à nouveau des 4 membres pour les balades de printemps... Greet tu es bien élégante, tu as raison je trouve qu'il faut porter des couleurs en harmonie avec son cheval !
    À bientôt,

  14. What beautiful pictures of your town + yourself + Mango. Greetings to you dear Greet.

  15. We lived in Germany for 3 years and am sorry to say that we never made it to Belgium. Maybe one day we'll make it back and visit your beautiful country. Love your blog!

  16. Beautiful images Greet. You look so happy with your horse. Congratulations on being able to ride again! Enjoy your time for some of us that are now city dwellers without access to horses.....

  17. Bonjour...looks like a lovely place to visit and I love your Mango.....does he like eating mangoes??? We grow a lot of them here in Australia. A bientot.

  18. Sweet Greet!

    Thank you for visiting me! I so love hearing from you! Oooooo that Mango is just a pretty girl! Anita

  19. Dearest Greet ... Mango is gorgeous and I think you look very professional and chic in your riding kit! I love riding as well and I think it is such an elegant past-time. I am always careful as well and my daughter also rides. Hope you are well and have a beautiful week
    best wishes always

  20. I am enchanted with the photos of your town! I look forward to visiting Belgium one day. It seems to have become the place on everyone's lips these days. I think you have had a lot to do with that! You and Mango look wonderful together. So glad you're again able to ride!
    Happy Spring,

  21. Hi Greet,
    You live in a beautiful country, I loved seeing the images of your village. Your Mango is gorgeous and so very strong and healthy looking.
    I'm glad to hear that you weather is Spring like, too. Our suddenly turned warm and beautiful! It is going to be 20 deg. C on Saturday. Just 10 days ago we had a blizzard with 12 centimeters of snow and temps of -15. It turns so suddenly here on the prairies.
    Have a beautiful day, my friend.
    By the way, I would love to have you sitting in my newly slip-covered chair across from me, sipping tea and chatting for hours. We can always dream!:)
    Hugs, Cindy

  22. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Lovely photographs and you look splendid next to Mango!

  23. oh Greet! zo leuk jouw foto's ! Je ziet er stralend uit!
    Ik ben van Ronse maar woon in Roeselare. Een heel verschil van landschap met het mooie Brakel ;-)

  24. I love this post Greet! You and Mango are gorgeous and I am glad you are still riding. ;-)