Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kitchens I love and ‘Kitchens I Have Loved’


Yes indeed, a kitchen post today! We all know that kitchens are one of the favorite subjects of bloggers. There is so much to read and to see about kitchens. From country kitchens to comtemporary kitchens. No matter what type of kitchen you love, you will find your dream kitchen somewhere at the unnamable amount of blogposts.

And I have to admit that I filed lots of kitchen images since I started reading blogs a few years ago.

Today I posted some images of my all time favorite kitchens.

But before scrolling down to these images, I want to introduce you to a new blog, titled ‘KITCHENS I HAVE LOVED’ .

The author of the blog, Billie Henninger, living in Canandaigua NY, started her blog to present her journey through kitchens she has loved in her personal life and those she has loved from designers. She will not only write about kitchen design but she even loves to share with us all things related to kitchens as cooking tips, art with the kitchen as a central theme etc.

Billie is one of the ‘first hour’ readers of my blog and from time to time she emailed me giving me a lot of tips or links, or books she wanted me to know, or interesting things about design she wanted to share! That is why we became friends. So Billie is a wonderful and generous person. And I definitely wanted to do something in return to Billie, now she started her own blog.

That is why I would love to ask you a favour. Please, may I ask you to go over to Billie’s brand new blog ‘Kitchens I Have Loved’ and to comment on one of her first posts? And you would please Billie even more if you decided to follow her blog. We, as blogauthors, do all know, we were so happy when we discovered someone had commented one of our first posts or when we noticed that the amount of followers was growing. Isn’t it? I definitely was! So why shouldn't we encourage Billie to go on writing beautiful kitchen posts.

Si I do hope you might do Billie (and even me) this favour. We would be very thankful !

Click on the logo of the blog to visit Billie at ‘Kitchens I Have Loved’


The following pictures I took from Billie’s blog.

brugge8Source Kitchens I Have Loved


Kitchens I hav loved 2Source Kitchens I Have Loved


cuisine_010_aSource Kitchens I Have Loved


2012-02-14_131536 Source Kitchens I Have Loved


06-08  Source Kitchens I Have Loved



And now for all of you, the images of my all time favorite kitchens.

010A kitchen by Beatrix Kleuver.    http://www.beatrixkleuver.nl/


004 The private kitchen of antiques dealers Brigitte and Alain Garnier.   http://www.garnier.be/


405658_307659542613647_153228454723424_870440_1375984418_n The private kitchen of Natalie Haegeman.   http://www.nataliehaegeman-interiors.be/


006 Image found at Cote de Texas.


009 Image found at Eclectic Revisited.


012 Image found at FB Decorating with Stephanie Tuliglowski.


007 Image source unknown.


013Image Amy Howard Daily.


008 Kitchen by Pamela Pierce.   Photo credit Peter Vitale


005 Architect Benoit Viaene.


003 One of my favorite Belgian kitchens.  Image source Belgian interior design magazine Wonen Landelijke Stijl n°41.


016 Image source here.


I might think that you all have seen the following 3 images going around in blogland last year.

It is a kitchen that is seen at the website of architect Kevin Harris.

Joni of the blog Cote de Texas posted the images of this most wonderful kitchen at one of her latest blogposts about a Tuscan villa in the US.  Not only the kitchen of this house is beautiful, but the entire house is to die for! You really have to check out Joni’s post about the Kevin Harris Tuscan villa HERE.

014 Image source Kevin Harris via Cote de Texas   Photo credit Chipper Hatter

I love everything about this kitchen : the kitchen floor, beamed ceiling, boarded kitchen island, the plastered kitchen hood, the chosen furniture.

If I will ever have the intention to redesign my own kitchen, these images will be my source of inspiration.

019 Image source Kevin Harris via Cote de Texas  Photo credit Chipper Hatter


018 Image source Kevin Harris via Cote de Texas  Photo credit Chipper Hatter


Do you have a favorite kitchen image?


Happy Valentine!!!




  1. Wat een mooie keukens Greet! Al zijn sommige keukens mij iets te 'zwaar', smaakvol zijn ze absoluut. Ik ga voor de één na laatste foto!!

    Nog een fijne dag!! Liefs, Ingrid

  2. Wow, that kitchen by Pamela Pierce is incredible! This is funny.. I'm thinking about kitchen all the time lately: I prepared a kitchen post for tomorrow and I'm also helping a client with her kitchen... this is paradise for me! :-)

    I hope you're doing great, sweetie!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  3. What unique spaces! Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous images! I love kitchens... there is something about all the textures and layers... I just get lost in the spot!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Hallo Greet,
    Mijn Engelse keuken is nog maar 2 jaar oud,als ik naar jou foto's kijkt zou ik hem wel weer in willen ruilen,wat zijn ze prachtig.
    Ik wens je nog een fijne dag & lieve groetjes,

  5. Wow, these are all beautiful kitchens! And I really like that they're all kitchen that look well-used and much-loved - kitchens where people actually cook and entertain friends and family with wonderful homemade meals. My two favourites are the kitchen belonging to Brigitte & Alain Garnier and the kitchen in the Kevin Harris Tuscan villa - love the warmth and textures from the wood ans stone.

    Now I'm off to visit Billie's blog :-)

  6. Beautiful kitchens! I also loved Joni's post on the Tuscan Villa in the US. It is gorgeous! Now I will visit your friend's blog. Have a great week Greet!

  7. Oh, these are almost all what I crave from a kitchen! Earthiness, a little country a lot of sophistication and... space! Combined with natural elements, like wood, stone and lots of fresh food!
    Just wonderful!

  8. Hello Greet !
    Comment ça va ?
    C'est gentil pour Billie et son blog, oui, je suis allée voir aussi. Il faut dire que c'est un beau sujet !
    Dans les images ci-dessus, je préfère la cuisine d'Eclectic Revisited et celle de "source inconnue", celle que tu préfères est aussi superbe avec de beaux matériaux, un grand évier en marbre et un cuisinière Lacanche noire comme la mienne !
    Bonne fin de journée,

  9. Spectacular to say the least!!! There is a directness and honesty to the designs of these kitchens. The Kevin Harris kitchen some very clever and sophisticated detailing and design elements in it. (How the pot filler falls on a tile joint for example. That takes very careful thinking and coordination.) Yet the kitchen doesn't scream look at me. I love it when a designer leaves no footprints when the job is complete.


  10. i think all of the kitchens are wonderful...not a refrigerator to be seen! a friend of mine who is a photographer, took pics of houses in Ibiza. several had their fridges in a separate room. i think thats a great idea. a fridge would mess up the look of most of these kitchens. love the cool, calm feel!

  11. I love your blog, and your style, but have never left a comment before. However, this post is too delicious to not applaud it openly!! I'm going to stare at these photos a few more minutes, then I'll go and visit Billie.
    This has been a lovely Valentine for all of us!

  12. These are some of my favorites too!! You defiantly have a wonderful ability to find the warn unique and wonderful!! xo Leslie

  13. fabulous kitchens, I love all of these!! I will go and visit Billie!

    Happy Valentines Greet!

    Art by Karena

  14. Oh Greet what a feast of fabulous kitchens (pun intended)!!!!!!! I adore the Pamela Pierce kitchen and can't wait to look at Billie's blog. Inspiring as always dear Greet, but why no Lefevre kitchens, the one I have pinned on Pinterest is just breathtaking, you simply must add your wonderful creation on here!!! Hugs as always - Glenda xxxxx

  15. Hi Greet,

    Thanks for introducing us to Billie...I can never get enough of kitchens...love your choices too, some I have seen and also saved for inspiration and some are new to me...the one thing I know for sure is if...make that WHEN... I get the chance to make my dream kitchen in France...I want you right by my side leading the way and fine tuning all the details! Happy Valentine's Day!


  16. happy heart day, greet!

    thanks for so many gorgeous images, some of which i had to save to my dream file! i love the rustic touches which never sacrifice femininity. your eye is a fabulous one.


  17. Such a beautiful post , Greet! So many beautiful kitchens.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  18. Kitchen galore!

    Off to 3 Valentine's parties (3 kids). Made 82 cards last night!!!

    Just wanted to stop by first and say that I heart YOU!

    oxox, Mon

  19. Hallo Greet,
    De keuken is nog altijd het hart van het huis. Deze plaats moet dan ook altijd dat home gevoel uitstralen. Gezelligheid troef bij deze mooie foto's, ik ga zeker eens kijken op haar blog.

  20. Ahh such beautiful kitchens, especially the ones by Kevin Harris, truly blissful! Off to visit your friend's blog.

    And a happy Valentine's Day to you too, Greet!

  21. Some absolutely beautiful kitchens and I always want to see more so of course I'm going to visit Billie.

    Happpy Valentine's Day Greet to you and your family!

  22. Some interesting kitchens. Some are way too rustic and beat up looking for most people but they do have a lot of character. I will go visit his site. Thank you for the introduction. Happy Valentines day to you.

  23. I will visit the blog, we are getting ready to redo our kitchen so I am very excited to visit a blog devoted soley to kitchens!

  24. These kitchens are divine + now off to peek at Billies' Blog...Happy Valentines Day, Greet. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  25. Absolutely lovely post. Congratulations!

  26. I like Kitchens by Beatrix Kleuver,because its architect , design and looks is great. color combination are excellent . the thing that I like most is things placement. space for arranging things is cool. and candle place increase its beauty.

  27. Greet thank you for sending us over to Billie I am now following! J xx

  28. Hi Greet, looks like a great blog! I will be sure to check it out. I love a European influence in the kitchen as you know......it gives the room such character and charm. Thank you for the recommendation. Hope you have a great day!!

  29. Hello Greet! AMAZING kitchen ideas; I love the very european rustic looking ones with the natural stone accents. I'm always looking for fresh kitchen looks and these get my heart pounding! lol
    Have a great day,
    Jenah xo

  30. Hello Greet,

    This new blog looks great! and your kitchen ideas are wonderfull i love the one of Nathalie Haegeman.


  31. Oh Greet....outstanding dreamy kitchens!

  32. The image of one of your favorite Belgian kitchens features the same Lacanche that I have. I love mine so much that I gave it its very own feature on my blog recently. They are so beautiful!

    I love my kitchen, but if I could have a different one, it would definitely include more Provence kitchen features with freestanding furniture pieces.


  33. They are all fabulous - and like LLH above, I also had the same Lacanche range in my last kitchen - LOVED!! I missed that post about the Kevin Harris' kitchen on Joni's blog - will have to go check it out - SO beautiful!!

  34. Greet, I was the interior designer of the kitchen featured in Mississippi where Kevin Harris was the architect. I am honored, once again by you, to see my work featured on your blog. That project was such fun, especially working with the fabulous old reclaimed materials I found in Houston at Chateau Domingue.... they gave the room such character. Thanks for making my day!

  35. Hello dear Greet,
    Those are all lovely, cozy kitchens. I can see that you have styled yours after several of them. I love the style, they're very different from Canadian kitchens.
    Hugs, Cindy

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  38. I'm currently looking for kitchen ideas of my own to compliment the new house we have just bought and love the oven in the picture by Amy Howard. Also some very nice rustic kitchen styles here, very nice pictures!

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