Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some Enchanted Evening !

Dear friends, this is the first time I join the ‘By Invitation Only’ series of our blogger colleague Marsha Harris of the blog Splenderosa.

Each of us participating in the ‘By Invitation Only’ group, has received an invitation to a fabulous virtual Christmas party in Tina’s new home.

The lovely Tina is the author of the gorgeous blog ‘The Enchanted Home’.  Tina is building her dream house, a gorgeous new home, and weekly she shares with us the house updates!

I am so thrilled to be invited to this party and can’t wait to see her gorgeous home finished!

Here is the link to all Tina’s house updates : http://theenchantedhome.blogspot.com/search/label/house%20updates.

The party date is December 23rd.

2011-11-28_184134 Can you imagine, arriving at night at Tina’s new house?!


1 This is a picture of the entry hall of Tina’s earlier home. The Christmas decoration is so beautiful isn’t it?!


Santa Claus is on his way to bring Tina a Christmas tree for her new home!nb0912kerstmanDear Mr Santa,…don’t you think this tree will be just a little bit too small for Tina’s new home?!


229I guess Tina’s Christmas tree is now standing somewhere in the entry hall of her new home!! I can’t wait to see!


Congratulations Tina on your new home!!


Let’s party!!!


A lot of bloggers will meet at this Christmas party!  There will be live music, carolers, a lavish buffet and champagne passed around by waiters in tuxedos!!!

I am sure it will be a great and not to forget Christmas party!!


Teddy Tina's dogI am sure that Tina’s dog Teddy will join us and enjoy this party as well!


But question is:  What should I wear to go to Tina’s party???

Here is my outfit choice.

I would love to ask our Belgian fashion designer Edouard Vermeulen of the fashion house NATAN to design for me a coat as this one.


And a little black dress as this one.


I love the simplicity and elegance of the Chanel styled coat and dress.


I have chosen for a handbag of the Belgian fine leather luxury goods company DELVAUX.

Brillant MM van DelvauxBrillant MM Delvaux


I would love to wear these gorgeous GUCCI black satin with paillettes embroidery sandales.

To me Gucci has the most gorgeous shoes in the world.

Gucci 1Ashley high heel sandal Gucci

And I will take a second pair of shoes with me in case my feet hurt from dancing! Again a pair of black suede Gucci pumps.

2011-11-29_113231Sofia high heel pump Gucci


I have chosen for black WOLFORD panties.

2011-11-28_174607Velvet de Luxe panties Wolford


And here is the jewelry I had in mind.

This CHANEL watch has stolen my heart.

Chanel 2

As you do know I love pearls, so I have chosen for a pearl necklace and bracelet.

2010-new-chanel-super-long-pearl-necklace-cn1001-222e5  2-chanel-1-154645_L

And very simple pearl earrings.


I would wear my hair the way Rene Russo did here.


And for my make up, I would go for the smokey eyes look.

Eye shadow Chanel Les 4 Ombres, n°93 Smokey Eyes

And I have chosen for the :

Lipstick Chanel Rouge Coco,n°18 Rouge Noir

Nail polish Chanel Le Vernis, n°18 Rouge Noir



My perfume ! Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.


So far my outfit!


I would love to bring my friend Tina lots of hostess gifts all the way from Belgium.

Here are my choices :

A key ring of the Belgian fine leather luxury goods company Delvaux for her new home keys, scented candles of the Belgian company Scapa Home, Belgian choclats, to share with her family, of the house Pierre Marcolini, a beautiful Belgian Beta Plus book about gardens to inspire Tina to do the landscaping of her new home, Belgian table linen of the famous Belgian linen company Libeco and my very personal gift : an oak serving plate made in our company Lefèvre Interiors.

Mosaic 2

And not to forget some gifts for our sweet Teddy!Mosaic Teddy 

And I have asked my friend Sande of the blog A Gift Wrapped Life to wrap them up with one of her most beautiful wrappings!

A Gift Wrapped Life 2Image source :  http://agiftwrappedlife.blogspot.com/2010/10/gilt-crystal-and-glamour-gift-wrap.html

Isn’t this one of the most beautiful wrapped gifts you have ever seen?! Thank you so much Sande!


So my friends, I hope you have enjoyed my post about this virtual party and I do hope Tina has enjoyed the 1st Christmas party in her new home!!!

Logo By Invitation Only

This was my first ‘By Invitation Only’ post and I really enjoyed writing it!

Thank you so much Marsha for asking me to participate in this serie!

And I would love to thank Tina for the invitation!!!!

What are your thoughts about this virtual party my friends? I would love to hear !




  1. My thought is that you NAILED it. Perfect outfit for you & the accessories are amazing. But, Greet, those hostess gifts...imagine how thrilled anyone would be to receive most of this? Beyond thrilled. Merry Christmas

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    Thanks for post.

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  3. Tu seras parfaite pour cette Party chez Tina!!!
    J'adore la petite robe noire et ses accessoires!
    Ce post est absolument génial!!!
    Bisous Greet...

  4. Oh those gucci's....imagine how long your legs will look?!
    What fun....I cannot believe the energy of Tina and that house build of hers....magnificent!

  5. Greet, you would look absolutely stunning, right down to the tips of your fingers. What I love most is your generosity with your gifts--very, very you!

  6. Great advertisement for our wonderful Belgian goodies and delights !

  7. The perfect little black dress! incredibly chic! and the hostess gifts are to die for.


  9. Greet you put so much into this post, BRAVO and well done!! I am so touched that you included Teddy,thank you for that and you also thought to bring him something too! How sweet!! Then all those goodies you are bringing me, I am overwhelmed and humbled by your generosity! And the way its wrapped....oh my gosh, too pretty to open!
    Your outfit, makeup and jewels are just fabulous and elegant as you are. I love your mosaic and how you set the tone of the evening and that picture of Santa is seriously too cute......thank you so much for such a wonderful and entertaining post. Well done my friend.

  10. I love the dress and everything you've chosen to wear, how beautiful and I'm sure you'll be a stand out! To bad this party isn't real it would be so much fun.

    I hope you're mending and feeling better!

  11. I can't wait to meet... You will be looking gorgeous.... A wonderful post Greet... xv

  12. Greet-
    Are you sure we weren't separated at birth. I wouldn't change a thing here.
    Beautiful choices.
    Isn't Tina's home amazing? She is an angel and beautiful too.
    Hope that all is well with you.

  13. What a classy outfit! Love the eye makeup too - I have always wanted to try it - I guess I just need to do it in blogland instead! :) Beautifully done, Greet...

  14. If Tina's the Hostess with the Mostess, you are most certainly the Guest with the Best!

    I'm sure Santa earmarked that tiny tree for Tina's closet...and you know she'll be decorating it with Tiffany Blue ring boxes. Love all your smart and classic fashion choices :)

  15. Hello Greet
    Yesss it would be so nice to meet there. I love your outfit, you'll be georgeus.


  16. Darling this is perfect - I love a nicely cut LBD too and what would we do without our Walfords!? :)

    Isn't the house to die for. I can only imagine the real life version of what we drool over each week over at Tina's blogg. It' is style and taste all the way.

    Thank you for this lovely post. Hope you are well and that you too have received some snow. Our first flakes fell over night and we are heading for a blizzard tomorrow. I'm excited!

    Hugs from Sweden

    xx Charlotta

  17. P.s. We chose the same image for those gorgeous 'smokey eyes'.. I too have it over on my 'party post'.

    x C

  18. So glad you were able to make it to the party, Greet! Hope this means you are on the mend.

    You looked lovely in your Natan outfit and pearls. I love the watch and bracelet!

    Maybe some day we can all meet!

  19. You would look gorgeous in that little black dress and jacket, my dear Greet.
    Your friend's house looks amazing!
    Hugs and love, cindy

  20. Greet, You will be so sophisticated and stunning...can't wait to meet for the first time at this fabulous party in Tina's wonderful new home...All a dream come true...XO, Mona

  21. Understated elegance - as good as it gets. And such lovely Belgian treats - love them all!!

  22. Great post, Greet! Tina's house would be a treat indeed!


  23. Greet,

    The gifts! So typical of your exquisite taste. And the timeless perfection of the LBD. Your bracelet is divine btw.

    It was so lovely to see you. . .


  24. I can picture you wearing this lovely little black dress with the stunning accessories and looking fabulous for your night out..simply gorgeous attire!

  25. Greet, you are Ms. Classy! And Rene Russo wants YOUR look!

    All wonderful. And your gifts are to die for!

    Have fun at Tina's!



  26. You will be so elegant with your gorgeous pearls(my personal favorite) and Rene Russo's perfect hair!! Such a fun post ~

  27. Love that amazing bracelet and coco necklace, oh and the eyeshadow. Such pretty choices.
    I loved them so much I pinned them to my pinterest boards.


  28. Hoe leuk ! Ik ben het helemaal eens met je keuzes, alleen, ik zou pralienes geven van " The Choclate Line ".Nog een tikkeltje heerlijker dan die van Marcollini ! Voor de rest geef ik je 10 op 10 ! dikke kus

  29. oh yes we have the sam taste..love everything ..and the little blacj dress..and juvels.../Marie

  30. 229I guess Tina’s Christmas tree is now standing somewhere in the entry hall of her new home!! I can’t wait to see! chino hills plumbing