Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Christmas atmosphere


All around the blogosphere, the most wonderful Christmas decoration images are to discover.

Today I share some of my favorites.


1Château de Vaux le Vicomte France   source http://en.parisvision.com/


3Place Vendôme Paris  source http://mode.glamourparis.com/


2Bruges Belgium  source unknown


4 source Desde my Ventana


5 source http://www.atticmag.com/


8 source Lefèvre Interiors


6 source Habitually Chic


7source Linen & Lavender


Enjoy these last days of this year!




  1. Merry Christmas to you, Greet.
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful images, and have a wonderful week.

  2. I cannot get enough of these enchanting Christmas images. Just trimmed my tree and the house entry, now thinking of the table (for 16) and the menu.Meanwhile dealing with all the "must have for Christmas furniture dilemmas..."

  3. Greet, hello....all so breathtaking, one as pretty as the next. Funny, I never get tired of seeing beautiful Christmas images they are just so inspirational and have me dreaming of what I would love to do for next year:)
    Wishing you the happiest of holidays!! And a peaceful and wonderful 2012~!

  4. To live and dream is the best and these images have me dreaming. Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season Greet!

    Hugs to you my friend!

  5. what gorgeous holiday decorating!! love to see how other places celebrate the holiday, especially when it's in Europe!!...
    wishing you the best, Greet,

  6. Magnifiques atmosphères... C'est la magie de Noël!
    Joyeuses Fêtes, chère Greet...

  7. I love all these beautiful Christmas pictures, Greet :-) My husband and I were in Belgium for Christmas in 2006, and I took a picture in Bruges that's almost identical to the one you posted. It was such a wonderful place to spend the holidays :-)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  8. How lovely Greet! It is inspiring me to get out and take some pictures of Munich decorated for Christmas tomorrow. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and all the best in 2012!

  9. Such gorgeous images. Each one is unique, from ultra elegant to rustic and all so welcoming and beautiful.

    Merry Christmas, Greet, Joyeux Noel!

  10. Greet, you always have the BEST images all together. I don't know how you do it! The fourth photo? I would be sooo happy to live there.

    I imagine that you are cooking and preparing so please know that I am sending good thoughts your way for the next few days ahead!

  11. Thank you Greet for all the wonderful inspiration that you share with us.

    I hope that you spend a very happy Christmas time with your family.

    Big hugs


  12. Hello me sweet Greet!

    How are you doing? Are you feeling better? I hope you are!

    What a beautiful post!

    I just want to wish you a very Blessed Christmas!

    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  13. Buongiorno Greet these are BEAUTIFUL images Ive enjoyed all of them ,imaged snuggling in all those csoy places too At last today the temperature has dropped it feels like winter now Enjoy the week with your friends Fay xxx n hugs

  14. Wonderful Christmas inspiration. I love it!

    Can you believe it's only four days to go?! Are you ready?

    I finished all my shopping today. Just food left to get (and some of the cooking..).
    Tonight we decorated a whole two ginger biscuit houses - the kids were in heaven!
    Tomorrow marks the last day of school and then the kids are 'mine' for a couple of weeks. We are all hanging for some 'down time' after a hectic and full first term of Swedish school.

    If I don't have a chance to pop in again before the weekend. Have a magical Christmas and enjoy this special time with your family.
    You are a treasured friend and I love that our roads have crossed.

    All the best for 2012!

    Warm hugs

    xx Charlotta

  15. Love the photo with the candles on the stairs... Happy Holidays!

  16. That entry is so beautiful. I am going out and buy that antler chandelier. Wanted it for years, and this is the time..
    Gorgeous post. Merry Christmas.. yvonne

  17. Oh Greet, these photos are stunning, especially that last one!!! Anita

  18. Gorgeous Greet...Simply fabulous images. I hope that you and your family have the merriest Christmas ever! XO, Mona

  19. That last picture is like something from heaven. Wow just amazing. You certainly posted some beautiful pictures.

  20. such stunning images greet. someday i hope to be spending christmas in europe. thank you for your inspiration all year long
    have a blessed christmas season

  21. Oh ma chère Greet,

    JOYEUX NOËL ET BONNE ANNÉE!!! You have inspired many and most of all, your kindness is something that is more beautiful than any well-decorated room. YOU ARE SPLENDID MON AMIE!

    Thank you

    DANK U

    for visiting me!!! HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Anita

  22. Love, love, love all the candles! They make any day feel warm and cozy all over! Thank you so much for sharing these images and ALL the posts you have put together this year. They have truly helped Sally and me keep the creative ideas flowing!

    Have a wonderful Holiday with your family!

    John and Sally

  23. Happy Holidays dahhling! FAB inspirational fotos...

  24. Love the chairs drapped in fur....

    Wishing you and yours a lovely holiday.
    Cheers! -susan

  25. Such stunning inspiration! How can anyone not be in a festive mood in rooms like any of these?!


  26. Greet,

    Lovely post and Merry Christmas to you and your family, happy 2012 too!


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  28. Such a magical time of the year!

    May the holiday season bring you joy, peace and goodwill.

    All my best to you,

  29. Lovely Christmas images!

    Have a very Merry Christmas, Greet!



  30. Gorgeous images! Have a wonderful Christmas, Kellie xx

  31. Gorgeous images, I adore the third one Bruges Belgium, it is so pretty!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours my friend, and many blessings in 2012.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  32. Greet,
    Everyone of these are stunning....inspiring me to work even harder on making my home the most welcoming of places!!

    Merry Christmas!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  33. Hello my dear!

    We have the same picture on our blog,:-D who was first?
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


    P;S. I love the first pic of Vaux le vicomte.

  34. Merry Christmas! I enjoy your beautiful blog! The tablescapes are gorgeous! I love the fur covered dining chairs :)

  35. Dear Greet,

    The images of interiors you pick are always warm, inviting and gorgeous. It says a lot about you.

    I am signing off for the year. Thank you for your endless inspiration and your friendship. I absolutely adore you.

    Love to you and yours,


    P.S I hope that 2012 will be the year when we actually meet in person. Would be so fun!

  36. Beautiful collection of inspiration!
    Xx Callie

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