Monday, December 12, 2011

Gorgeous new mountain retreat in Megève


This month the new Hotel, named Le Chalet Zannier, opens its doors.

Le Chalet is situated in the famous French alpine village of Megève.

1Image source : Artravel

The site has three alpine-styled chalets that have been totaly redesigned and renovated.

The design is very remarkable and chalet inspired. It seems as if the mountain design style concept of Axel Vervoordt is omnipresent, although he is not the designer of it.

‘The interior design is based on simplicity, imperfections of antique artefacts and the noble beauty that the passage of time gives them.’, is explained on The Chalet website.


The restaurant with its slipcovered chairs and mountain tables.7 Image source : Le Chalet Zannier

Pure natural materials as wood and stone are used all around the hotel.

Lounge room.10Image source : Artravel

Earthy tones.

Decoration is not overdone but rather sober.

6 Image source : Le Chalet Zannier


Linen upholstered seats and furniture crafted by artisans.

Notice the texture the walls are given by a special plaster technique.

4 Image source : Le Chalet Zannier


All different, each one of the 12 bedrooms evokes style, beauty and taste - it's a way of life never before seen in the mountains.”, is to read on The Chalet website.

8 Image source : Le Chalet Zannier

2  Image source : Le Chalet Zannier


As you can see Le Chalet Zannier is an exceptional place, offering guests a unique way of living, the moment of their stay.

The hotel accomodates also a wellness area including indoor pool, sauna and hamman.

For more information, please visit The Chalet Zannier website :

Hotel Le Chalet Zannier

Le Chalet   |   367 route du Crêt 74120 Megève – FRANCE 

  Tel. +33 (0) 4 50 21 01 01


What are your thoughts about this delightful mountain retreat?




  1. hI GREET
    HOPE YOU ARE NOW FEELING MUCH BETTER Im sure the views and situation of the chalet are exquiste. I like the large spaces and I know the clothes of the guests will probably be quite colourful but
    I think its just a LITTLE TOO austere looking and bland its doesnt have a warm feel for me enjoy your week
    Fay xxx

  2. There are things I love about it, yes to the chalet style and coziness however I think the room itself feels a bit too cold/barren, doesn't feel warm and welcoming to me, dont' know if its the choice in colors or materails but its a bit too sterile/austere looking for my taste. When I walk into a room I want to say "ahhhhhh, I am able to relax". To me, this doesn't look like that kind of room but the public spaces are all lovely and overall I am sure its quite a special place:)

  3. what a stunning hotel and retreat...lovely rustic and yet modern the uncluttered feel and warmth of all the wood tones...

  4. Greet-
    SO beautiful! I could spend half of the day in the gorgeous bath, and the rest in front of the fireplace!
    Have a great week.

  5. Bonjour Greet !
    Comment ça va ? Ce chalet est votre prochain lieu de vacances ?
    Dormir avec vue sur la montagne doit être sublime...
    Bonne semaine,

  6. Greet,

    I love that the furnishings are designed around the "imperfection of the artifacts". That type of character speaks to my heart! I especially loved the big earthy stumpish coffee table and the greige colored plaster walls.

    I understand the comments about austerity, but this seems to be a place to clear the mind and soul BECAUSE of its austerity.


  7. Marilyn,
    I do share your opinion!!

  8. I love the public and common spaces. There, the balance between old and new creating the illusion of old feels very good to me. My nit and pick in the bedrooms is I'd like to see more plaster on the walls, as was done in the common areas, and a little more antique furniture. And overall, I suppose I'd like to see a little more color mixed in.

    Taking my designer's hat off and speaking as a AVID skier, I love it. My nits and picks disappear... It feels like the perfect place to get away. I'd leave my laptop home! (That's the whole point of getting away!) The world and my clients will survive not being able to talk with Sally or me for a week or two...

    I do find myself wondering how the wine cellar is stocked... Hopefully, there's a little port on the wine list for after dinner when I snuggle up by the fire in one of those comfy chairs.

    Terrific post!



  9. De robuuste omgeving ( hout en steen) zie je perfect terug in het interieur, maar toch oogt het geheel een beetje sober en spartaans....ik
    mis de warme sfeer....bloemen, kunst, een tikje meer kleur.....

  10. Absolument magnifique ce chalet! Quelle jolie déco...
    Une adresse à garder précieusement!
    Merci Greet et een kusje voor you!

  11. Ohh, yes! There is no denying it, it is all Axel Vervoordt through and through! What a pleasure!

  12. Hello dearest Greet,
    The hotel is beautifully appointed, but is very austere. It's certainly a place that men would feel comfortable and enjoy staying and women too, I think. I love the bedroom and bath, very sumptuous. A real get-away atmosphere.
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. Amazing! Looks like my kind of place! Hope you're well.

  14. It's gorgeous, Greet. Seems like a perfect getaway this hectic time of year...fabulous!!

  15. Retreat is the perfect word for this's all so "quiet" and soothing...just lovely!

  16. What a spot! But they should have hired your for the interior design. A perfect gig for you!



  17. I think it's fabulous! The furnishings and decor have been kept quiet not austere as there is a difference. People should be the rest of the decoration to these spaces as evidenced to the seating, see how close everyone is in the dining room. I love the textured walls.

  18. Hello Greet:)
    Lovely colours and textures.I absolutely love the style and the energy of the place. For me, every detail is perfect except for lighting :)Recently we've been arranging quite a similar interior with ceramic pendant and wall lamps. And in the interiors of such kind its such a problem to hid the " modern" elements not to spoil the effect:) But we managed. I guess that the pendant lamps would solve the light issue here.
    Have a nice day:)

  19. Wow, as I saw the first picture, I would have never imaged the interior design to be that way. Sometimes it is overdone in chalets when all the space needs is simplicity. This design is so spot on, I would pack my bags and move in right now if I could!


  20. What a dreamhouse that is!! ... absolutely gorgeous!