Friday, December 16, 2011

Decorating with glass

 As it is Christmas time, I love to put some time in decorating my home not only with typical Christmas ornaments but also with decorative accessories which are placed around the rooms of my house since no time. So maybe I will regroup them or rearrange them or put them together with other decorative stuff in another room of the house.

That is what I plan to do this weekend.

The pictures here below show some of my favorite decorations with glass candlesticks, vases and bowls, grouped together.

Maybe these images will inspire you to get your candlesticks, vases and carafes out of the closet and to regroup them in a decorative way.


The first picture is my favorite. And it is taken by my favorite Belgian photographer Claude Smekens. Be sure to visit his website to discover the most wonderful pictures of interiors and gardens!

5 Source : Magazine Landelijk Wonen Dec-Jan 2012  Photo credit Fotografie Claude Smekens

I do love glass candlesticks and carafes grouped together this way.


6 Source : Magazine Landelijk Wonen Dec-Jan 2012  Photo credit Fotografie Claude Smekens

A candle holder and a glass sphere.


4 Source : The Essence of The Good Life blog

Beautiful glass for the tablesetting.


2 Source : unknown

Group of glass pots.


18 Walda Pairon  source unknown

Gorgeous candlesticks.


10 Source : unknown

Group different hights of candlesticks together.


12 Source : unknown

Glass bottles as candleholders!


1 Brigitte & Alain Garnier Antiques  source

Beautiful wine carafe and glasses.


17  Photo credit Efie De Grande

  My living room.

 3 Source : La Maison Charmante blog

Glass everywhere!


8 Source : unknown

Good idea!


15 Photo credit Efie De Grande

Picture taken in my living room.


19Photo credit Fotografie Claude Smekens

  Group of candleholder, wine carafe and sphere in my living room.


Happy weekend to you all!




  1. It will be magnificent Greet and you are just the one to make this glass all beautiful and bright! Sounds like a busy weekend for us all. Enjoy. XO

  2. Hi Greet,

    I love using glass and your post has many inspiring ideas, love the table setting in the barn, and the bottles used for candle holders ... hoping this finds you recovering well from your little accident a while back! and that Mango is doing well too!

    Joyeux Noel!


  3. Very inspiring post Greet!!!, I love to dress my home with glass and candles at Christmas and every moment of the year.

    Happy weekend to you and your family


  4. The shots of your living room are all of the glass and crystal...a magical way to celebrate the holidays without having to feel like it all has to be taken down and rearranged by New can just live on til Spring creating the mood of a winter wonderland. Hope your back is fully mended and that you are enjoying this wonderful season with much peace and joy.


  5. what lovely luminous the extra sparkle of glass with candles such as the hurricane gorgeus..

  6. All so very pretty! Loved the table with the giant hurricanes on the floor nearby!

  7. Ik ga m'n glas ook uit de kast halen, geeft toch wel mooie luxe zeker tijdens de Kerstdagen.
    De hoge kaarsen in de stal met hooi is wel linke soep vind ik, zeker met de koeien nog op stal.
    Er heeft vast een emmer water bij gestaan.

    Fijn weekend!

  8. I adore glass too...
    You've inspired me to do my mantle with all glass next Christmas, I better get busy pinning these beautiful images of yours!
    Merry Christmas Greet

  9. so beautiful, loved each one.

  10. Stunningly beautiful how it transforms light through it.

  11. Glass is always such a beautiful decoration, and I love the fact you can see through it!

  12. Oh ! Oui Greet ! La table mise dans l'écurie, j'aime bien ! Ça change !
    Et toutes ces bougies ! Bonnes fêtes et bon Noël !

  13. Greet! I can't tell you how much your kind words meant to me on my blog--I was thrilled! Because you have inspired me so much and you still do! Just look at this post! Oh my, so lovely. Why is it that glass is so especially magical at this time of year? We take it for granted but think how rare it was so many hundreds of years ago. I love to use pampilles at this time of year but haven't found them since our move! I will search extra hard now.

    Bon WE et bisous!

  14. I must copy the idea with candles in clear bottles! How clever & pretty!

    Happy weekend to you, dear Greet!


  15. beautiful! the glass bottles as candle holders could be:


  16. Now this is a coincidence, I treated myself to four glass candle sticks and two glass hurricanes only yesterday!

    This is such and inspiring selection, full of great ideas. Thanks, Greet!

    And a lovely weekend to you!

  17. A mix of glass and candles is so special. It always seems like the candles are brighter. Everything sparkles. Faces glow. Eyes shine.
    It's a wonderful time of year. Hope you post pictures of your home when it is decorated!


  18. Greet, it's so prestine looking , I love crystal and glass. It's Beautiful night or day.

    You have a gorgeous home. Happy Holidays.

  19. The hurricanes are my favorite. I love the light, airy feeling that glass gives. Beautiful post, as always!


  20. Greet, I love candles and glass all through the year, but especially at this time of year it comes into its own, especially with a log fire burning in the grate. I too re-arrnage everyday items at Christmas time, creating simple but effective vignettes. I particularly love white flowers of any description, especially orchids, lillies and hyacinths scattered around the home, mixed in amongst the glass, silver and candles, simply stunning.

    After this past weeks terrible murders in Liege, it has been hard to focus on all of this and my prayers go out to those affected by these crazy, crazy people. Belgium has always seemed like such a peaceful place to live and I find it difficult to comprehend this madness.

    On a lighter note, have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year x

  21. Such stunning shots Greet... I love the glass and the candlelight.... xv

  22. Dahhling such simple groupings & yet so effective & chic! I ahhdore the glass containers & the antique mirror as well as the table with clear glass drinking bottles with candles!

  23. All so beautiful, love the first picture too but I also love your living room. Yes, agree the magic of seeing a grouping of glass objects is so pretty, love the way the light bounces off it and the way it sparkles, adds so much to a room and then topped with candlelight...its PERFECT!

  24. Oh Greet,

    I so agree. And I had NEVER used glass in my décor, but thanks to you and others in Blogland, I have discovered how beautiful it is...and that first photo you showed....STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have officially declared that my favorite design styles are FRENCH (of course) BELGIAN and DUTCH. Voilà!


  25. I love how the candlelight makes everything shimmer, beautiful images and some great ideas.

    Enjoy your weekend Greet and I hope you're on the mend!

  26. Greet-
    These images are amazing! You setting is beautiful.
    Give me crystal, glass, silver, and candles and I am a happy girl.

  27. All of your images today are beautiful! I really like your black candles, they are so pretty in the clear glass candle holder.
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend. And IF whoopie pies would keep for a week or two, I would send you some in the mail. I'm afraid all you would end up with would be a moldy mess, though.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  28. Wow ! Lights everywhere. I love it !


  29. Hi Greet how magical two of my favourite things you would be very much at home here Im surrounded by old glasses and candlesticks I love them the older the better and i have quite a collection of spheres they are really ethereal arent they Your living room looks really beautiful Enjoy the week Im missing Mince pies !!
    Love fay xxx

  30. I am passionate about all forms of glass, the candles that we teach in this report remind me a lot as a kid and visiting my grandmother's house, are now present in large professional decoration of great prestige, was at last the home of a famous singer, the decor was all surrounded by high glamor and there were numerous candles, chandeliers, lamps, dishes, mirrors, all made in Italy, I found a bit ugly, was not doing anything to the modern woman I know and who owns the house, but you show us the houses that are for me a particular way perfect.

  31. Such beautiful images, Greet. The one with the gilded antique mirror is stunning. Have a joyful holiday.

  32. Such beautiful, glittering images! I am hosting an intimate New Year's Eve and I love the idea of many, many white candles!

    xo Elizabeth

  33. There is nothing more elegant than a room filled with warm candlelight and the glass candlesticks are gorgeous. Can't get over the image with the multiple chandeliers...stunning!!