Thursday, December 8, 2011

Art I love


Paintings by the American artist RICHARD SERRA and the European artist JEAN-MARC LOUIS, are works or art I love.


1Painting by Richard Serra  Source : Nuevo Estilo 


5Painting by Richard Serra  Source AD  Photo credit Durston Saylor


6Painting by Richard Serra  Source AD  Photo credit Scott Frances


2Painting by Jean-Marc Louis in my living room   Photo credit Claude Smekens fotografie


3 Painting by Jean-Marc Louis in my living room    Photo credit Wim Pauwels for Beta-Plus Publishing


4 Source The Secret Shop by Michel Lambrecht Antiques


If you are interested in the works of art by Jean-Marc Louis, please watch this video or visit The Secret Shop by the Belgian antiques dealer Michel Lambrecht. You can walk through the different rooms of the shop and discover lots of paitings by Jean-Marc Louis. It’s worth a visit!!

Secret Shop. To enter click on image.2011-12-08_145704

Video of paintings by Jean-Marc Louis available at Michel Lambrecht Antiques.Click on image.2011-12-08_141225

Talk to you soon!




  1. Goede morgen lieve Greet!

    Your home is of utmost beauty, and these works of art are just FABULOUS!

    Many hugs to you and I hope you are well after that fall....hugs to MANGO! Anita

  2. I'm especially enamored of Richard Serra work and have featured it on my blog as well...
    and thank you for introducing me to Jean-Marc Louis abstracts are one of my favorites, I'm sure Louis will become a favorite of mine as well..

  3. Thank you for introducing us to these artists. The Secret Shop video is great. Love the floors in the home!

  4. I am always intrigued by how much impact a single bold piece of art can have in a room. Alse like seeing a modern piece of art or a modern painting in a traditional setting..makes for a interesting room. Your living room is spectacular, elegant and so inviting....picture perfect Greet!

  5. Greet I do agree, The black and white palettes add edge and elegance, sophistication!!

    Come and enter my new exciting Holiday Event Giveaway! Several are for our International Friends!

    Art by Karena

  6. Loved seeing your living room. Grand post.

  7. Hello! I adore the free brush strokes of his pieces - so playful yet powerful.
    Seeing images of your home is always such a thrill and inspiration. I love everything (!) and I don't say that very often!

    Hugs from the North

    xx Charlotta

  8. Beautiful, informative post. Thank you for sharing information on these artists and the Secret Shop.
    Hope you are well and have a speedy recovery from the fall.

    Laura in Santa Fe

  9. There is something so wonderful about black and white graphic art! I miss you! Stop by the blog some time. :)

  10. Oooo I really love all these pieces!

  11. I have always found it interesting and intriguing how the abstract work of some artists can cross over and feel/look so comfortable in homes that are traditional in character. Thank you for introduing me to Jean-Mark Louis. There is an earthiness to his work that speaks to me.


  12. Hi Greet Im hoping that you are feeling MUCH better now .Great to see your art work in your elegant sitting room they suit it perfectly dont they ? I remember the Serra very well from Liverpool street station when I worked in the city VERY impressive. Art must be in the air as yesterday ( I think you know that I represent an artist )I featured some of Anne Grebbys work which we now have on show in Paris Have a restful weekend Love fay xx

  13. Hello my friend,
    You have an interesting taste in art. Beautiful images.
    Are you well recovered after your unfortunate fall off Mango? Have you been back on Mango since falling?
    Have a lovely day. Hugs, Cindy

  14. You have wonderful taste in art and I prefer abstracts as well.I just went into the secret shop and they have so many amazing pieces. Thank you for sharing and hope you're mending well.

    Happy Friday!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous artwork. Love the style and chic black and white! Have a wonderful weekend ~

  16. Greet,

    Your living room is wonderful!

    I love the juxtaposition of the modern artwork in classic settings. Perfect balance.


  17. The first photo with the Richard Serra painting & the mix of classic pieces is perfection dahhhling!

  18. Amazing art works. Very classy interiors. An inspiration.