Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A new born, a fracture, a beautiful blog, exceptional books and a comment I was thrilled about!

Congratulations to Luciane of the blog Homebunch, her husband and family with their new born son Matthew !

MatthewWelcome to the world dear Matthew!


As of course Luciane wasn’t blogging these days, I didn’t either!! Not for the same reason of course! No, last Friday I fell of my horse and had to go to hospital where the doctor noticed, after he had taken a CT scan, that there was a small fracture to one of my vertebrae. The past 2 days I had a lot of pain!  Fortunately I didn’t need surgery! I am at home and need to rest a lot ! I do hope that around Christmas I will feel much better and that the fracture will be repaired!! I feel so sorry to not be able to ride my horse Mango for a certain time! I really felt a bit down the days before and had not that much enthusiasm to blog as you will hopefully understand.

Anyway, life goes on and today I feel much better!


I absolutely want to thank my friend Leslie Sinclair of the blog Segreto for the amazing post she wrote about me and the work of my company.

You can read it HERE.

Thank you so much Leslie, I feel very very honored!!

I do think that a lot among us have already heard about Leslie, the author of the blog Segreto and owner of the paint finishes company Segreto Finishes.

Leslie wrote a gorgeous book in which you will discover a lot of projects on which she has worked on!! Wonderful houses of which Leslie took care of the mural as of the cabinet finishes!

The Skirted Round Table wrote a beautiful post about Leslie and her company Segreto Finishes. And Leslie was even interviewed by the Skirted Round Table. To listen to this interview, please go here.

segreto1Source : Segreto Finishes via The Skirted Round Table

shadyriver7w_watermarkSource : Segreto Finishes


Leslie’s book Segreto is a must have! Please click on book cover to order it.



Our blog colleague Diane Dorrans Saeks, founder of the most interesting blog The Style Saloniste and author of lots of publications about interior design and desigers has shared with us this week her ‘picks of exceptional books of the season’.

As this book titled Marisa Berenson A life in Pictures  

Marisa Berenson ‘Marisa Berenson, A Life in Pictures’ by Marisa Berenson, with guest editor Steven Meisel. Introduction by Hamish Bowles and a Conversation with Diane von Furtenberg (Rizzoli)


Or this book,titled Intimate Chanel


‘Intimate Chanel’ by Isabelle Fiemeyer, with photography by Francis Hammond and with a foreword by Gabrielle Palasse-Labrunie (Gabrielle Chanel’s only direct descendant) (Flammarion)


Many more exceptional books to discover at Diane’s blog HERE.


I want to thank everyone of you for all of your lovely comments on my latest blogpost about the finished Lefèvre Interiors project ! It means so much to me!

One of the comments came of - I still can’t believe it – the London based and famous designer John Stefanidis!!!

John Stefanidis is a designer with a prestigious, inernational clientele. His company John Stefanidis Brands Limited is specialized in the architectural and interior design of both residential properties and hotels across the globe.

John has also created original fabrics and furniture ranges. See his website HERE.

You really have to know that John Stefanidis is one of my all times favorite designers and you will have noticed his name listed on ‘my favorite designers’ list at the side bar of my blog.

I learned to know about John’s designs and work by his first book ‘ROOMS’, Design & Decoration’ (1988), I bought years ago, at the start of my career as a decorator.

This book is full of practical ideas on lighting, placing furniture, mixing styles and arranging objects and is still a wonderful resource on design.

I still have it on the shelves of my library! It is one of my favorite books! Not so long ago I passed on the title to some of my friends who were looking for design inspiration!

Can you believe how surprised and thrilled I was to see John’s comment under my blogpost !!

2011-11-29_172937 Thank you so much Mr Stefanidis! Your comment means a lot to me!


Since his first book Rooms, Design & Decoration, John Stefanidis has written another 3 books, to discover on his website HERE.

Book Rooms


Some pictures of John Stefanidis’ designs.

Picture AD 3  Fritz Von Der Schulenburg  John Stefanidis via Architectural Digest – Photo credit Fritz Von Der Schulenburg

Every time I visit John’s website I am impressed by this hallway!! Gorgeous!


Picture AD 1  Fritz Von Der Schulenburg John Stefanidis via Architectural Digest – Photo credit Fritz Von Der Schulenburg

This mahogany-paneled library is one of my favorite rooms! Notice the Venetian mirror and the 18th century oil painting Black Hunter by John Wootton. John designed the inlaid low table.


Picture AD 2 Durston Saylor John Stefanidis via Architectural Digest – Photo credit Durston Saylor

A dining room with several mirrored panels. One of them is leading to the kitchen. A George III mahogany table.


Picture AD 4  Fritz Von Der Schulenburg   John Stefanidis via Architectural Digest – Photo credit Fritz Von Der Schulenburg

Elegant and warm room. I love the French chandeliers and the Stark carpet.


Picture AD 6  Fritz Von Der Schulenburg  John Stefanidis via Architectural Digest – Photo credit Fritz Von Der Schulenburg

A renovation of an Athens apartment.


Picture AD 3  Miguel Flores-ViannaJohn Stefanidis via Architectural Digest – Photo credit Miguel Flores-Vianna

In both of these bedrooms John used beautiful fabrics.

Picture AD 5  Fritz Von Der Schulenburg   John Stefanidis via Architectural Digest – Photo credit Fritz Von Der Schulenburg


Picture AD 7  Fritz Von Der Schulenburg   John Stefanidis via Architectural Digest – Photo credit Fritz Von Der Schulenburg

I am glad to hear that John is a ‘bookaholic’ as much as I am.

“Where to put my books was a priority,” says Stefanidis, who sits in the small library.(Text AD).

Well I have to say that this was a priority for me too! The library was the first room in our house that was finished! I had to store my precious books!


John is also the author of the blog ‘The Developed Eye’ !

Blog John Stefanidis



I wish you a wonderful week!




  1. ooooooooooooooh sweet Greet get well soon so sorry to hear of your tumble Love the baby hes so sweet isnt he
    the books look great and love the finish on the grey walls also the gloriously OTT pink boudoir !

    REST WELL Love fay xx

  2. Oh dear Greet! Please know that I am sending you lots of strength to heal. And I know that all of your friends from around the world will do the same and that it really does make a difference. Yes, it happens when we have horses, we fall off sometimes. I know that Mango will be in good hands until you can get back in the saddle again.

    Plein bisous et tu mérites toutes les jolies compliments, même de Mr. Stefanidis.

  3. Get well soon, so sorry to hear of your fall.

    Congratulations an your exciting comment from the talented John Stefanidis!

  4. Wow, a lot has happened. I was excited to learn of the birth of little Matthew!
    Greet, I am so sorry about your fall. I hope for you a speedy recovery!
    Lot to look at there. Thanks for sharing.
    Get well soon,

  5. Oh my goodness..............I do hope you rest and heal well Greet. Will be delighted to check out all your links, any designer who uses red so fearlessly has my attention! And that is one gorgeous new baby. XO

  6. Sorry to hear about your fall Greet, all part of learning to ride of course, but make sure you take good care of that fracture.

  7. Ouch! I'm sure Mango misses you and much as you are missing riding with him. You'll be back at it in no time! You must be healing while sitting on "Cloud Nine" after receiving John Stefanidis's comment. Congratulations! Your work deserves high praise!


  8. Sorry to hear of your fall, hope you are feeling much better now! Take care of yourself, am sure Mango misses you!
    Isn't it exciting about Lucianes darling Matthew!
    Excited for you about the comment, its always so wonderful to hear from people whose work we love.

  9. I hope you are feeling better soon Greet... that is such bad luck... How exciting to have a comment from M. Stefanidis... but so well deserved... xv

  10. You have such a great attitude during a very painful experience. I am sending you positive thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery.

    Congratulations on your comment from John Stefanidis! His work is wonderful, and I am not surprised that he appreciates your talent.

    Be well!


  11. O, Greet, joy and pain in one post.... just as life is! I m sorry to hear that you are injured, but hope for you to heal soon! Mango will miss you!
    Your work is beautiful and I am not surprised that it caught another great designer's eye! But it is wonderful to be in such way recognized! Congratulations.
    And that darling baby? So cute!


  12. I am so sorry for you and your accident..I hope you are getting better quickly..I'm sure Mango misses your riding sessions too...
    wow, so many interesting bits of information...I'm going back through to spend some time reading each one ...
    take care of yourself,

  13. Dear Greet,

    Do take perfect care of yourself and all will be good as new...you are strong of mind and body and so positive that with all of the prayers and good thoughts for you it is already decided that this is only but a brief interruption. Congratulations on the well deserved comment from Mr. Stefanidis...you must be thrilled. A big and very gentle hug for you and please know we are all sending prayers for a quick recovery.



  14. Darling Greet!!!! I am so sorry to hear of you falling off of MANGO! When I hear of people injuring themselves, I wonder, was it the horse that got out of control? I SO ADMIRE THEM but I have not ridden enough to know exactly what can happen! BUT I WISH YOU WELL AND HEALING! Anita

  15. Greet-
    So sorry to hear of your fracture! I admire your amazingly positive reaction- it will no doubt hasten your recovery.

    Now is your chance to catch up on reading your favorite magazines, books and the internet!
    Sending health and strength energy your way.

  16. Greet-

    Thank you so much for mentioning me and THE STYLE SALONISTE...i am so honored and so pleased.

    JOHN STEFANIDIS! This is fantastic and high praise indeed. you must also see his book on his island home on Patmos (I wrote about it on THE STYLE SALONISTE..)...It is a fantastic book, exceptional.
    I am so very pleased for you! Bravo.
    This is such a great post. Thank you...and lots of your readers are hopping over to THE STYLE SALONISTE to check out my list of books.
    Thank you.
    very best, DIANE

  17. Dear Greet
    So sorry to hear about your accident. I hope everything will heal quickly and without any problems. Take a rest.
    Beautiful post
    Viera VT Interiors

  18. Oh Greet...I am so sorry. prayers for a speedy recovery...I know Mango must miss you. Enjoy the time to get caught up on all of your reading. This is a beautiful post.

  19. Hi Greet,
    I'm sorry to hear of your accident. Those darn horses! My daughter also was bucked off her horse, but had to have surgery. Her riding days are over. Thank goodness you are healing.
    Also, Leslie is a personal friend of mine! I read her post about you and your company. She is a wonderful person! The last time I spent time with her, we talked about forming a small group of friends to travel together. Who knows, maybe someday we will come to visit you!
    Take care and feel better soon! ~Delores

  20. WOW.
    Gorgeous baby!

    And the finish on that wall. I would love to learn how to reproduce that crumbling plaster look!
    Funny, I just got done gushing over Chanel on my blog so I am going to have to check this book out.
    Congrats on all your exposure!

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  23. It's fabulous news about Luciane and little Matthew coming into the world. I am so sorry for your fall and I truly hope you mend quickly. I'm sure Mango is going to miss you this next month. Congratulations on the comment from John Stefanidis to be recognized by someone such as him. Take care of yourself!


  24. Oh Greet - I do hope you're feeling better but thank goodness you didn't need surgery. This post featured so many of my favorites - firstly what wonderful news about Luciane - I will be sending her a congratulatory note as soon as I finish here. I love Diane's intelligent discriminating site - I visit it often. And how lovely to receive a comment from John Stefanidis - I always knew he was a man of marvelous insight and taste!!

  25. Hello, Greet.
    Such sad news -- your fall and fracture.

    Wishing you an easy recovery - Elliot

  26. Dahhhling I am sorry to read about your fall! I am sure Mango is missing you horribly. Get well soon, for I so look forward to reading your posts & seeing the beautiful images of your work & that of others you share. Beautiful post as always...

  27. Dear Greet,
    So sorry to hear of your bad fall off of Mango and your fracture!!Please take it easy as we mothers, wives, businesswomen tend to look after others more than ourselves, especially at this time of year! Wish that I were closer and not all the way in Washington, DC so I could bring you flowers and homemade soup to thank you for all of the pleasure that your blog and your warm and caring personality have given me over the last few years. I have been a faithful follower since Brooke introduced you to her readers.
    Congratulations on your comment from John Stefanidis! That helps when you are feeling down!!
    Best wishes for your quick recovery!
    xo, Anne

  28. My sweet readers and friends,

    I want to thank everyone of you for all your lovely words and all the support!! It really helps me to not focus on the pain.
    Today it is the first day I feel really better.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
    Hugs (carefully)!!

  29. Dearest Greet, this post is divine! A beautiful baby + Stefanidis comment + fabulous list of books from
    THE STYLE SALONISTE. Get back on your Mango soon. Arms around you(carefully) xx peggy

  30. What a beautiful baby!

    And I am so sorry about your riding accident. I took up riding at age 27 and rode for 7 years. During that time I had several falls (learning jumps) and one that knocked me out and gave me whiplash. Ten years later I am still suffering chronic headaches. I loved to ride but at one point, I decided that I was too old to jump over things unless I wanted to be broken up all the time!

    It is a great sport - just rather dangerous in the learning phase at times. Now I ride for pleasure and stay flat on the ground (no jumps).

    Do take care and I hope you heal quickly. Your horse is beautiful!
    xo Terri

    xo Terri

  31. Oh, honey, I'm sorry about your fall and relieved that you are better now and that nothing serious happened. I suppose it's the price we have to pay if we are willing to go out and do things and live life to its fullest. So you heal up and get back to your lovely Mango. I'm sure it is all worth while!
    Thanks for your lovely post, John Stefanidis' work is admirable!

  32. I am sorry to hear of your accident. Take care of yourself, Greet. Thanks for the books suggestions.

  33. So sad when someone as lovely as you gets hurt. Feel better soon!

  34. Greet, hope you will continue to rest and recover from your fall off of Mango. Before long you will be riding him again!

    I have always loved your book suggestions and have purchased quite a few. The Segreto book is my latest purchase and I want to say it is absolutely stunning.

    Happy recovery!

  35. Fist of all, what a darling baby! Congratulations Luciane and family.
    Next, I hope your vertebrae will heal very quickly, you poor girl.
    Wow, you have shown us some fabulous blogs and congratulations for attracting the attention of this very talented gentleman. Your company does fabulous work, that is certain.
    Have a sweet day, my dear friend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  36. Ouch, I know how much falling off a horse can hurt. I fell off my horse a few years ago and ended up with cracked ribs and a punctured lung. It's a long way down, and the impact on our bones can be hard! I hope your fracture heals quickly and that the pain goes away soon.

    So exciting to receive a comment on your blog from one of your favourite designers :-) John Stefanidis's rooms are so pretty and elegant. He uses such luxurious fabrics and wonderful patterns.

    Take good care of yourself so you can ride Mango again soon :-)

  37. Greet, this is such a fantastic post! Congrats on your exciting comment! I'm doing a post on Jan de Vliegher next week with several links to your blog... Love your posts!

  38. Oh Greet...I hope you rest well and are better very quickly....gorgeous baby and the very talented John Stefanidis...congratulations on attracting his attention, it is most deserved! Have a lovely end to your week. Ax

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  40. Greet, sorry to hear of your fall and wish you a speedy recovery! I was so disappointed this past weekend as I intended to visit Axel Vervoordts kasteel for the very first time as he lives only 5 minutes away from me, only to find out that they did not open! I did however go to visit your friend Natalie Haegeman for the last day of her opendeur and took my friend and neighbour who is Belgian and she and I both loved it. Such a cozy space she has created, I love it and wish to thank you for telling me about it. Take care, Angela x

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