Monday, May 16, 2011

A Thank You, A New discovered gorgeous Blog and Beautiful outdoor Seating


Dearest readers, a few days ago I received an email from Sally and John, the owners of the Wilson Kelsey Design firm, based in Boston, to ask me if I would give them permission to write a blogpost about my orangery-redo. I was flattered!! John and Sally (husband and wife) are very talented designers. Wilson Kelsey Design is an award winning residential and commercial interior design firm. Their range of services spans initial design ideas through project completion for new construction, renovations, or home decor.

Sally and John have a beautiful website and blog that you really have to visit. You will not be disappointed.

WK DesignA realization by Wilson Kelsey Design.   image source : website Wilson Kelsey Design

To visit the Wilson Kelsey Design website, click on logo :

WK Design logo

If you are interested in the blogpost John and Sally did about my orangery-redo, click on the image of my orangery below.

OrangeryImage of our orangery (picture by me).

Thank you so much John and Sally, for this post about my orangery! I feel honoured to be included in your wonderful blog!


This morning I discovered the gorgeous British blog The Paper Mulberry !

The Paper Mulberry logo

Glenda, the author of the blog, is a former fashion designer turned artist/illustrator and is mad about interiors & design! She lives with her husband and cat in rural Lincolnshire (England) in a 500 year old farmhouse that they have been restoring for the past 12 years.

 PM 4A picture of Glenda’s home.   image source : Glenda’s blog


PM 1 One of the so many charming images of Glenda’s blog.


I love the way Glenda is representing the images on her blog. Notice the color samples she add between the images. Isn’t that fabulous?!

PM 2 PM 3

To check Glenda’s blog, click on The Paper Mulberry logo :

The Paper Mulberry logo

I love your blog Glenda and I am sure my readers will love it too!


Beautiful outdoor seating

I really love beautiful outdoor furniture and in particular outdoor seating. During the past months I filed some images of my preferred seating that I would love to share with you today.

 13 A wide range of wooden outdoor seating to discover at the Belgian company Massant. For further information please  contact Massant because the outdoor collection is not on their website yet!


12Wrought iron armchair    Image source : Maisons de Campagne Mai-Juin 2011 Photo credit : Stephen Clément


9Wrought iron settee    Image source : La Campagne Décoration Mai-Juin 2011 Photo credit : Christophe Madamour


11 Image source : La Campagne Décoration Mai-Juin 2011 Photo credit : Gilles Trillard

I love this!!!!



10 Image source : La Campagne Décoration Mai-Juin 2011 Photo credit : Gilles Trillard

And this!!!!



14 Image source : The Bench    For more information :


18 Image source here


2 Axel Vervoordt (Photo by me)


3 Axel Vervoordt (Photo by me)


1 Comfortable large bench with cushions. AM Projects  Image source website AM Projects


6   Image source website


5 Rattan settee by Garnier Antiques.  Image source website Garnier Antiques


4 Wooden bench  Axel Vervoordt  (Photo by me)



A transat chair upholstered with a toile de jouy fabric. Toiles de Jouy   Image source website Toiles de Jouy


19Isn’t that the most beautiful outdoor seating ever? Image source : here


I hope you enjoyed this Monday’s post and I wish you all a wonderful new week!




  1. Oh my gosh I've just had to pick myself off the floor!!!!! Greet thank you so much I can't tell you what a surprise and huge honour it is to find my blog featured on yours!!! I don't know what to say other than a huge THANK YOU! Now I have to go and find my cat who was rather startled by my shriek of delight! Warmest wishes - Glenda xxx

  2. Good morning Greet,

    You attract goodness my friend and your orangery is gorgeous!

    How lovely being able to move outdoors again. (Nice images). We have had a gray and wet Winter and Spring here in Seattle. A little bit more sunshine and I am prepared to move my entire bed outside!

    Warm hugs to you,


  3. Sweet Greet again what a fabulous post im spoilt for choice , I could dream in any of your fabulous chairs ,particularly the one outside in La campaigne may june mmm love the row of chairs great fun Ive visited your new places too all really lovely and espciallly for me Glendas home its my cup of tea ! You are so kind Greet ,also love the wilson Kelsy elegant chaise longue mmmmm LOVE AND HUGS fay xx

  4. OMG What a beautiful post today!!! Congratulations to you! I just checked out and became a follower of The Paper Mulberry:) WOW!! What gorgeousness! Thank you for sharing.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. Oh Greet how great to see these fabulous images, great finds and the links to new adventures! Thank you!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my New Giveaway from Serena & Lily! You will love it!

  6. Hello Greet,
    so many gorgeous images on your blog today...
    am looking forward to discovering Paper Mulberry and Wilson-Kelsey Design..
    and I too, am such fan of outdoor seating...
    am looking for some pieces as we speak...will use your ideas when scouting out furniture..
    and as always, love your blog and wishing you a wonderful week...

  7. Beautiful chairs, Greet! And it's no surprise that your orangery has been featured, it is soooo perfect!
    Off to visit the Mulberry blog now!

    Have a beautiful week!

  8. Greet, this is one beauty packed post. I am going to visit these blogs.
    Hoep that your week is off to a wonderful start.

  9. Prachtige lokaties van te dromen!

    Lieve groet, Ingrid

  10. Greet, What a delightful surprise to find WKD front and center in your post. Thank you!!!! The hardest part of doing the post on your orangery redo was trying to decide which beautiful images to use. Gorgeous outdoor seating. We're due for nothing but cold temperatures, fog and rain all week here, so I lingered over the pictures, imagining myself soaking up some warm sunshine. I'm now off to poke around Blue Mulberry.


  11. dear Greet...were do I begin??? This post is (as usual I must say) wonderful!I´va already signed up as a follower to the paper mulberry,thanks for the tip it was a fantastic blog for sure!!!!! And I loooove all the nice pictures with inspiration for my garden......want it all,want it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You just made my day,and now I´ll probably spend the rest of the evening studying your post over and over again*lol*
    Keep up the good work greet...I´m addicted:)))

  12. Hello Greet! I'm in love with this outdoor furniture line. I'm sad it's not on their website yet. Thanks for the introduction to these fabulous bloggers. I'll have to check them out. Lovely, lovely outdoor images. Thanks! Mona

  13. Oh swoon!!!!!!!!!

    Absolutely beautiful pictures; gorgeous furniture, and invaluable resources!

    Thank you!!!!!!!!

  14. Greet,
    This is some of the most beautiful outdoor furniture that I have ever seen. I am in love with images #2 and 6.

    I will definitely check out the Paper Mulberry. Wonderful photos...I loved everything.

    Glad to see your orangery re-do on Wilson Kelsey Design. FabUlous redo.


  15. that is the most beautiful seating ever!
    {last image}
    you are right.
    but you have some real winners in this post.


  16. Wow such beautiful pictures......some took my breath away. Thank you for sharing....they know a good thing when they see it, that is why Wilson Kelsey appraoched you! I don't blame them one bit. I will go check them out now....thank you for sharing this gorgeous post chock full of such beautiful and inspiring images.......

  17. Wonderful outdoor setting. I hope I could make something in my outdoor places. By the way how much it will cost if I will design a setting for 1200 sq. feet patio fully furnished.

  18. I like the pictures with all the chairs in the green, your orangery look so elegant..and thanks for sharing the blog will visit Im sure it amazing and very inspiring, what a treasure this blogworld is..) have alovely week you two //Marie

  19. I am off shortly to check out the blog too! There were so many beautiful images here I couldn't pick just one, but one in particular inspired me...the one from The Bench. I have rusty bench legs just like those that I picked up at our local flea market and have been waiting to get inspired to bring them back to life - this picture is a beautiful rendition of their potential! :)

  20. Hello sweet Greet and congratulations on the feature. You definitely deserve all the showcasing and your orangerie is a beautiful dream.

    I am trying to picture living in a restored farmhouse that is 500 years old.. There must be so many voices from the past in the walls. What an amazing task to restore a place like this - must have been a labour of love for sure!

    Thank you for all the lovely outdoor inspiration and exciting new links. I look forward to reading your orangerie feature and also posts from the other blog.

    Have a nice rest of the week.

    Big hugs

    xx Charlotta

  21. So wonderful to know that you're so admired by so many people. You truly deserve that, my friend.

    I'm going to check this new blog. can't wait. It looks gorgeous!


    Luciane at

  22. Thanks for the introduction to the newly found bloggers. Will go over to check out their blog. So inspired by your outdoor images...adore the rattan settee. Best wishes for a wonderful start of your week, Greet.

  23. Bonjour Greet,

    Merci, pour laisser découvrir ce blog fabuleux.
    Je ne savais pas que la maison Massant fait des chaises "outdoor". Je ne retrouve rien sur leur site :-(

    Un grand bonjour de l'Ardenne

  24. Glenda's huis is zo romantisch! prachtige foto's x

  25. Of course they would want to write about your's marvelous!!!
    Thank you for the new sources and blogs my friend, I look forward to checking them out.
    Happy Tuesday,

  26. Greet ... congratulations and so beautiful! Love the outdoor furniture line-up and such gorgeous images.
    best wishes

  27. Hi Miss Greet!
    I will check out Paper Mulberry and the design blog in Boston..I love all the chairs from Maussant....and the shot of the Petite Maison in the garden... Amazing how the indoors is making it's way outdoors in the design world......The benches were great too!!!!!Maryannexo

  28. loving the chairs lined on the lawn... what a superb image..
    fabulous post... hope you are well... xo

  29. Dag Dirk,

    Bedankt voor het doorsturen
    Dat is een mooie site


  30. Wow! Loved the last image such graceful lawn terrain. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. Cheers.