Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A duchesse or a bergère ?


Two of my favorite seats are the French duchesse and the French bergère.

They are both wonderful pieces of furniture and stand just beautiful in every home.


The duchesse is a French type of daybed, originated in the French 18th century (from LXV on).

2 image source :

You really should check the Lief Almont website, you will find gorgeous pieces of antiques for sale!!!


And a duchesse brisée is a duchesse that is composed of either two pieces (a chair and a chaise) or three pieces (two chairs and an ottoman) that fit together as puzzle pieces to farm a large chair. It is a variation of a daybed.

A couple can sit facing each other in a duchesse brisée.

1image source :

If you are interested in this 18th century walnut duchesse brisée, click HERE.



4   image source :


10 image source : Axel Vervoordt via Trouvais


9image source :

This duchesse brisée is for sale at Brigitte & Alain Garnier Antiques. If you are interested in it, click HERE.



8 image source :

This is a duchesse composed of  three pieces.


A bergère chair is a large arm chair usually associated with the French country style of decorating. It usually has un upholstered seat, possibly with a loose cushion, an upholstered back, uphostered arms and exposed wooden frame. And it is often displayed with a matching ottoman or stool.

3 image source :


5 image source : Art & Décoration Mai 2011 – Photo credit : Olivier Hallot


7 image source : Inspiring Interiors  Photo credit : Anthony Lanneretonne


11image source : Lefèvre Interiors  Photo Credit : Jo Pauwels


Which one do you prefer, the duchesse or the bergère?




  1. Great lesson to day as I now realize what i used to refer to as a Bergere is in fact a Duchesse! much more stylish.

  2. hello Greet HOW WONDERFUL ill take the 1st 4th and last (yours) rooms please all delicious and elegant and I LOVE your floor too the contrast is so interesting and the mixture of textures and shades mmmm dreaming
    love Fay xx

  3. I'm completely in LOVE with the first picture from Lief!! Posted it a while back ago on my blog aswell.. Great minds think alike, isn't that the saying? ;)

  4. Dit zijn heerlijke zetels om lekker in te luieren met een goed glas wijn en een zalig boek, heerlijk.

  5. sweet Greet I didnt realise that I could link like that !!! or I would have linked you earlier !! better late than never love fay xx

  6. I love the bergere. It is so versatile and beautiful. It is one of my most favorite pieces of furniture in my living room. Thanks for posting these lovely pictures. Learned something new...the brisee and not pate brisee.

  7. I love them both but in different places - a bergere in my living room and a duchesse in my dreamy!! Hope you're having a wonderful week Greet ~

  8. Good morning, my friend!

    Oh, this is a hard question! I love both! I think it really depends of the space you have. I love the idea of seating facing each other, with each other. Isn't it so nice? So, for that I might go with a duchesse, but if I want to be alone with a book, I'd prefer a bergere. Oh, I want both! :-)

    Please, Greet. I totally understand about you being busy. I'm the same way! It's being crazy lately. So, don't feel "bad" about that okay? Having your comments are always a gift to me, but I know how hard it is to do it every single day. :-)

    Love to you, sweetie!


    Luciane at

  9. I have always longed for a French duchesse brisée but they're way out of my price range. Tara Shaw has some amazing ones too. Such wonderful images of some fabulous seating!

  10. two of my favorite pieces of furniture as well... and they can be more modest or completely embellished with the right fabrics and paint the piece offered by Garnier...

  11. I think that they all are beautiful ! I can have on of each :)


  12. Your beautiful bergere is actually my favorite of the bunch!! I have the English version of this - 2 George Smith arm chairs with an ottoman!!

  13. Rebonjour Greet,

    Je constate que j'ai une duchesse ( en cour de restauration ). Mais, je pensé que c'était une méridienne.

    Merci beaucoup pour le dernier comment.

    A bientôt

  14. Wow, Greet! You always show the most gorgeous rooms and furnishings. I really love your bergere because of the piece itself and the floor and the light linen. I also love the Axel Vervoordt and the Garnier Antiques piece.
    Thank you for sharing!

  15. I love # 2, 7, and 10. Beautiful! I love the worn elements in the Duchesse Brisee #1 and the simplicity of the Bergere chairs. I would love to curl up in either of these chairs.


  16. Greet,

    I could find a way to use any one of these lovely Bergere's. Great array of color, sizes and uses.

  17. Greet they are obviously all quite beautiful...but the funny thing is my absolute favorite happens to belong to you!! I didn't even realize until I just scrolled up to see whose it beautiful, it could be used anywhere in any room with any color....just so elegant. Beautiful have such wonderful taste!!

  18. Beautiful post and photos ... I guess I have to confess I love them both

  19. Greet...sometimes in life you find yourself longing to just be selfish, in this case, I'll take them all! One for every room! Eye candy...
    Renee and Angela

  20. Greet these are all fantastic! For years I have been dreaming of a French chaise-longue, but I think you might have convinced me to go for one of these beauties instead. More practical somehow (and THAT was the Swede in me speaking.. ha!).

    Warm hugs!

    xx Charlotta

  21. I love the last photo! I can remember the first time I visited your site (well over year ago) and that was my favorite photo...your are a true talent...I'm so lucky to have meet you! xo danielle

  22. I have to say I love them all, for different reasons. I just found your blog. It is a lovely place to visit. I am a new follower now. Check out my blog when you have a moment.

  23. I love a bergère chair I must say! Beautiful blog, I found you from la reportiste. I'm a new follower now. Look forward to new posts!

  24. I love the bergere - what lovely photos of rooms. My favorite is the last (yours of course!) I adore the aged brick floors!!

  25. oh heaven...I´d be happy with anyone of these "chairs"...perfect with me inone of them and a bunch of interior magazines or books next to me!and perhaps something good to drink!Oh yes,sounds perfect:)))

  26. Bergere of Duchesse, ik vind beide mooi. Qua foto's eerste foto en de laatste vind ik geweldig.

  27. I prefer the Bergere with the ottoman. What a wonderful chair to relax and read a good book :-)

  28. Hi Greet, great post! I did not know about the duchesse!

    I thought that a bergere had a closed arm. So if the arm is open (like the last photo), it is called a fauteuil (arm chair)?

    Lovely photos! Terri xo

  29. What beautiful furniture you show! Has long been in search of a duchesse, but have not found any. Is a bit picky, want it to be antique and in tune with the viewing of the first photograph.

    The Duchess Brisee on the last picture is really a dream. Have ordered two similar chairs from a furniture store, which unfortunately are newly manufactured, can not afford antique :(

    Wishing you a wonderful evening!

  30. Hello Greet, I'm a huge bergere fan! Although, this post has convinced me that I'd be happy either way. All wonderful. XOXO Mona

  31. Une duchesse!

    Andrea x

  32. This is really hard to choose..I cant..I love both models..have a nice weekend /marie

  33. An 18th century duchesse brisee is one of my absolute dream pieces! The price however is WAYYY out of my budget. But I have a dream.....and I'm very maybe??? *winks*
    Love this post!...I think I drooled on my puter a little. Vanna

  34. Hello Greet,

    The last image is one of my ever favorites, I love the peacefull atmosphere and, of course, the wonderful bergere.

    Bigs hugs


  35. Hello, I am blown away by this beautiful. I was getting a bit *cocky* thinking I ws starting to know quite a bit about the design world, then I come across this post and realize I have a lot of work ahead of me if I even want to swim with this crowd...I love learning all things design and that is why I peek into your world...thank you for allowing this! Your newest follower...

  36. i think the last chair-with open sides-is actually a fauteuil

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