Monday, March 21, 2011

Let’s go Swedish today…


As I noticed that a lot of my Belgian readers love to know more about Swedish interior design and because I am searching for a beautiful Swedish table for one of my clients, this post of today is about some great finds I came across browsing the web this weekend.

I thought that a lot of you might be interested in what I have discovered.

To start this Swedish post I posted a picture of a detail of a Swedish styled woodpaneling, I have always loved,

executed by my company LEFEVRE INTERIORS.

Lefèvre Interiors  image source : Lefèvre Interiors


And this is a picture of a Swedish decorated dining room I just love!! To die for, isn’t it?!!!

This picture I found on Joni’s blog COTE DE TEXAS here.

Zweedse stijl 264 (Lisa Luby Ryan via Cote de Texas)image source : Lisa Luby Ryan via Côte de Texas

The Swedish chairs are gorgeous and notice that beautiful chest! A wonderful ambiance here!

Skona Hem image source : Sköna hem

I might think that these chairs are new- made, but they look really pretty here in this ‘green’ room.

In my latest post I already mentionned the Swedish blog CLASSIC STYLE . Marie, the author, is a Swedish native and I do love her interior design taste. Her blog is very beautiful!

This is a picture of Marie’s dining room! It is not to hide she is a Swedish native! What an elegant room!

Dining room (Classic Style) image source : Classic Style blog

The picture of the cupboard cabinet I found at the webshop of my friend Hennie of the beautiful Dutch blog ROOM SEVENTEEN here. At Hennie’s webshop you will find the most beautiful decorative furniture and accessories at moderate prices! Visit her webshop HERE.

Room Seventeen 1 image source : Room Seventeen


These Swedish chairs for sale I found at an antiques dealer in Holland, INTRAMUROS. They have some gorgeous antique pieces for sale.

For more information about these chairs, please visit the INTRAMUROS website HERE.

Intramuros image source : Intramuros

If you love to have more information about this Swedish slagbord table, please contact the Belgian antiques and interior design company AM PROJECTS here.

Swedish slagbord table (AM) image source : AM Projects


This picture I filed since a long time under my VELVET & LINEN computer file. I have always loved the Swedish secretary and this exceptional Swedish armchair. Brooke did a wonderful job bringing together these 2 beauties.

Velvet & Linen image source : Velvet & Linen


Because I was searching for Swedish tables at the websites of a lot of European companies and antiques dealers, I came across some interesting websites as the one of LA CHAMBRE D’OR. You really should take a look at this website! You will discover a very classic and elegant design.

La Chambre d'Or 1 image source : La Chambre d’Or

La Chambre d'Or 2 image source : La Chambre d’Or


JUULE, the scandinavian interior design and gift shop, from the Netherlands, is another address I want to share with you.

Look at these beautiful finds here at this webshop.

Swedish clock (Juule) image source : Juule

A Mora clock.

!!!  My friend Lene of the blog THE ESSENCE OF THE GOOD LIFE wrote a most interesting post about the origin of Swedish MORA CLOCKS here. !!!


Swedish table (Juule) image source : Juule

A beautiful table from the 1930’s.


And if we think Swedish, we think IKEA.

I discovered a beautiful velvet upholstered seat of the Ikea Stockholm Collection HERE.

Ikea Stockholm collectionimage source : IKEA

Seat Stockholm collection Ikea image source : IKEA


And for those who haven’t enough yet of all things Swedish and would love to pack to fly to Sweden, here is an address of a hotel in Stockholm : HOTEL SVEN VINTAPPARE .

Hotel Vintappare 1image source : Hotel Sven Vintappare

Hotel Vintappare 2 image source : Hotel Sven Vintappare

Authentic Swedish hotelroom.


I hope you enjoyed the Swedish tour of today!




  1. Bedankt voor de Zweedse rondleiding, het was weer erg de moeite waard :)

    Lieve groet, Ingrid

  2. yes greet i did indeed enjoy the fruits of your research! beautiful inspiration, images and new sites to visit. now if only i could get to sweden.......

  3. I adore Swedish interiors and have a lot of swedish pieces in my own store. Thanks for sharing! You have a stunning blog.

    Karina Gentinetta

  4. What's so wonderful is that Swedish style of decorating really encompasses every style. You've shown it here Greet how it mixes beautifully with rustic to modern and everything in-between. Wonderful post and you need to open a branch of your company here!

  5. hello Greet what a lovely post I agree that room is exquiste and i do like the Swedish style very much and beautiful
    shades of blues too See you in one week when i return from Paris Ive written to the showroom you featured and hope that it will be possible to visit them Fay xxx

    ps blogger is playing silly games again !

  6. Dearest Greet, what beautiful images from chairs and tables to IKEA and Stockholm hotels.... Thank you for the tour! I scored two beautiful French inspired chairs on the weekend! Come and have a look!
    PS: We will visit Stockholm in June, can't wait to explore!

  7. I'm such a fan of Swedish interiors...beautiful images!!

  8. Hello dear Greet,
    I love Swedish design, it is so practical and beautiful, I think.
    I looked through a couple of posts that I missed. Your Orangery is looking wonderful! I am looking forward to seeing it in it's finished state.
    The last post before this one has such beautiful images!!! I love the pretty, feminine work of that designer.
    Have a lovely week, dear friend, I hope Spring is showing her warm and lovely face in Belgium!
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  9. Lieve Greet, wat een superleuke aandacht voor mijn blog! Voel me zeer vereerd, dankjewel :-)
    En wat is het toch een hopeloze naam hé, Hennie, voor Amerikanen bijna niet uit te spreken. Was ooit voor langere tijd in de VS en toen werd ik gemakshalve Hellen genoemd, véél handiger, en ook mooier.

  10. Greet..such beautiful images. This is such refined elegant Swedish design. Its so livable and soothing to the eye. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous images and hope you found your table!!

  11. Oh la la! My heart skipped a beat when I saw the heading and I loved the pictures and inspiration from my beloved motherland.
    It is wonderful to see Swedish antiques (and new pieces too) make their way around the world. Needless to say I love the timeless clean lines of our antiques and am fortunate to have a father whose interest in antiques has brought home many fantastic finds and investments.

    I too loved Lene's amazing post on 'Mora clocks' - they are such amazing creations and so unique. We had a beautiful example in my childhood home and I remember the soothing 'tick tock' from our formal lounge room.

    Beautiful post Greet. Thank you for sharing and good luck with the hunt for your client's table.

    x Charlotta

  12. Hi Greet,
    I so love the classic Swedish dining chairs and color palette...the fabric is simply gorgeous too...beautiful images...

  13. Hello my beautiful friend (I'm not exaggerating, I do think you're gorgeous! :-)

    I'm learning more and more about Swedish design and loving it even more. I love how simple and elegant they can be and how clean and bright.

    Ikea... that's so interesting, but I was just seeing their catalog and feel in love with some beautiful pieces and even more with their prices! It's a win-win!!! :-)

    Have a great day, my dear friend. I'm so grateful for your visits!!!


    Luciane at

  14. Love those swedish from Intramuros too ...wonderful,

    Happy evening Greet and big hugs from Spain


  15. What a beautiful post with so many fabulous sources!! I will have to come back to visit them all!!

  16. Love that second room with the chest! The keys are a nice touch on the table with the glass. i wish all of these sources were in one plce HERE!!!!Nice examples of Swedish furniture.
    Maryanne xo

  17. I meant one PLACE! This notebook drives me nuts..M

  18. What a lovely post! My bedroom furniture is Swedish and I love it!

  19. Hello Greet, Absolutely loved this post with all the links to bloggers. In Santa Barbara we like very eclectic styles and call it "Santa Barbara Style". I really enjoyed visiting the Room Seventeen blog. Reading Dutch keeps my reading skill up and the blog is gorgeous. Tell Hennie that in California we can prounce names from all languages...and I like the name Hennie beter than Hellen. Carla

  20. Can't get enough of Swedish elements incorporated into a room. The Swedish tables, chairs and Mora clock...oh how wonderful.

  21. That Swedish wood paneling by your company is so beautiful, Greet. Lefevre designs are so wonderfully detailed. As you know, I share your love for Swedish design! I look forward to seeing the table you find for your client. Thank you for including a picture of one of our rooms!


  22. So much beautiful in one post, Greet.
    I especially love the lime washed floors with the beautiful swedish furnishings.
    Have a great week, friend.

  23. Thank you so much for show My dinngroom, and thanks you so much again for you lovely words of My blog. Wish youba lovely day / Marie

  24. Love this style. It is so elegant and refined without being stuffy, the limed oak is gorgeous...we did this in our living room and I never tire of seeing it.

  25. What a gorgeous blog you have, Greet! I especially love the woodpaneling done by your company (pic at the top). Exceptionally beautiful!

  26. Greet,

    You're the sweetest person out there! I wish I could give a hug, my friend! Thank you for your comment. :-)

    Have a wonderful day!


    Luciane at

  27. Lovely wonderful images. The dining room by Lisa Luby Ryan is a favorite of mine. I have to make a beeline to her store every time I'm in Dallas. She has the most fabulous shop. Enjoy the rest of your week. Mona

  28. the second is my favorite!


  29. whenever I got nervous about painting an older piece of furniture I will just come back and look at these shots. Gorgeous Gustavian Goodness!

  30. Thanks for visiting (finding) my blog!!
    My very best, and yeah- let's go swedish.. ;)


  31. Prachtige interieurs, vooral de eerste foto, zooooo mooi! Leuk om te zien welke interieurs ze in Zweden hebben.
    Wat heb je toch een prachtjob Greetje ;-)

  32. Greet..just read your post over at Providence with Mona. It was wonderful! I wanted to tell you just how much we enjoyed amazing! Your home and gardens are exquisite and seem to be a natural compliment to your kind and gracious personality which shines through in the interview! I enjoyed it very much.

  33. What a beautiful home. Swedish Dekor shares your love for Swedish design! Great work and we can't wait to see your next project!

  34. How can I not love Swedish interiors, it is part of my blood! Lovely images you picked, Greet.

    But you may not visit Stockholm without letting me know in advance. I am so flying over to give you the royal tour!

    Warm hugs to you my friend.


    P.S Are you looking for an antique or a reproduction antique table?

  35. Hey Greet!

    I just wanna give you a tip of a swedish website called "Blocket", this is a great place to buy used/antique furniture. Adds by private people and you can really come across great stuff -cheap :)! Might be hard to navigate if your not Swedish, but I'll be happy to help you, just let me know!

    Love Lina

  36. I just found your blog via Trouvais. What a delight! We have a warehouse in Belgium but ship mostly to the U.S. Look us up. I don't want to make this entry a commercial one. Lovely blog!