Sunday, November 28, 2010

Winter Exhibition Axel Vervoordt

Twice a year I am visiting the Castle of Axel Vervoordt. In Summer time for the Summer Exhibition and in Winter for the Winter Exhibition.

Yesterday my sister and I visited the Castle and Kanaal.

We started our visit at the Castle of ‘s Gravenwezel. The weather was fine, it was rather cold, but sunny!



Me at the entrance gate of the castle.



My sister walking in the garden.



Here and there we noticed some Christmas decoration.

As you can see here at the background, the green festoon at the gate.



And as this lovely but simple Christmas entrance fence! Very inspiring. It is not difficult at all to make one yourself!



I am so sorry I can’t show you pictures of the inside of the castle, because we are not allowed to take pictures.

But I can tell you that I discovered a lot of Wabi-influences inside the castle.

If you want to read more about the Wabi-inspirations of Axel Vervoordt, you can read my blogpost about it HERE.


Afterwords we went for a visit to ‘Kanaal’ in Wijnegem only a few kilometers from the castle. This is the place where a lot of activities (Art & Antiques, Home Collection, Interior design,..) are based.



The Kanaal is a former malting plant which consists of industrial warehouses and adjoining grain silos.




The Column hall that houses the private collection art of Axel Vervoordt.



Home collection seats.


In the corridor of the warehouse, next to the entrance of the workshop, we noticed this beautiful huge chandelier ‘sac à perles’ hanging!

It immediately brings you into the right Christmas mood!



The corridor of the warehouse.


For more information please visit the Axel Vervoordt website



I wish you all a wonderful Sunday!




  1. Dat was een lekker dagje uit Greet en gezellig om dit samen met je zus te doen! Wat een prachtige bank en salontafel (Home collection seats)!

    Nog een fijne zondag! Lieve groet, Ingrid

  2. What a privilege to be able to visit Axel's castle! And, not only once, but twice a year! Lucky girl, Greet! Thanks for showing these pics. They're wonderful!

  3. What a wonderful picture of you at the end Greet! Love that castle and how gracious of Axel to open the doors for the public, looks amazing! Love the column hall in and the pavers outside the castle, I've been looking to do something similar for an outside patio. Thank you for sharing your day!

  4. Lucky you dear Greet!!! I would like to know this castle some day,it´s a wonderful place ( in love with this chandelier!!)
    Thank you for sharing this pictures with us,
    Have a nice evening,

  5. You know that I would have loved that tour! You are so cute, Greet. Love your picture at the end.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Can I say Merry Christmas yet? Merry Christmas, Greet!

  6. Hi,
    I don't know why, but I have difficulties when I visit your blog (and comment too). But it worth it :) You show us lovely pictues !

    Have a nice week


  7. Wow...thank you for such wonderful photos! Can tell you are feeling the bliss of being in Vervoordt's world! Love the overstated chandelier in its understated warehouse hallway. Happy Holidays! XO Trish

  8. What a wonderful treat! Would love to take that tour. And you dear Greet, look absolutely gorgeous! Happy Holidays. Mona

  9. It must have been so nice to spend a lovely afternoon with your sister, visiting these fabulous places!
    Love your outfit! Mona is right: Gorgeous girl!

    xx Victoria

  10. Beste Greet,
    Ik wilde gisteren ook gaan, naar het kasteel en naar de open dagen van Natalie Haegeman en Walda Pairon. Allemaal open en dicht bij elkaar. Maar....het was glad in Nederland, dus dit winter niet. Dank voor je mooie foto's, in de zomer ga ik ook weer.
    Liefs, Wilma

  11. Wonderful photos, my dear friend, thank you so much for a chance to see the castles exterior and the Kanaal. I can imagine that you had a wonderful day with your sister. That is something that my little sister and I would enjoy doing.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  12. The exterior was amazing, wish we could have seen the inside.
    The Kanaal warehouse is completely awesome! love the rawness of the spaces with that beautiful chandelier!

  13. Thank you for the tour, Greet! I found the ‘Kanaal’ so facinating. A raw art exhibition. Promise to take me there when I one day come for a visit.

    Happy new week to you.

    ox, Mon

    P.S You look stunning as always, you model you!

  14. Hi Greet,

    Isn't life strange? I am English, but lived in Antwerpen for almost 8 years (in 's Gravenwezel close to Axel's castle, where we still have a house). Whilst living in Antwerpen, I didn't know who Axel Vervoort really was, I had heard of him, but it didn't really register at the time. Now I am living in Japan and know of Wabi-sabi and experience it on a daily basis. My husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in September and stayed in a Ryokan, a traditioal Japanese Inn, where simplicity of furnishings is key, however, there are one or two exquisite pieces, such as a beautiful wall hanging along with a simple yet wonderfully elegant flower arrangement (ikebana) which draws the eye. Japan is such an inspirational place to live, we visited Kyoto this past weekend for the koyo or leaf fall where the maple trees are a riot of colour and it seems that all of Japan was there to enjoy it.

    I hope to visit Axel's castle some day and thank you for showing us around.


  15. Leuke uitstap !
    Ik had je op de thee kunnen vragen,
    mmm thee met een lekker gebakje !
    Mooie foto's en
    mooie jas !

  16. Greetje, je hebt wel smaak voor u te kleden ook hé, wat een super vrouw, smaak voor interieur en smaak voor kleding. Zou je niet mee doen aan MBG? Ik ben alvast fan! ;-)