Saturday, October 3, 2009

Trouvais, the beautiful blog que j'ai trouvé!

Today I certainly have to do this post about this wonderful blog that I discovered not so long ago!

Trish from the Blog Trouvais became one of my favourite bloggers. I know that a lof of you will have discovered her blog yet but for those who have not, I really have to recommand you to rush to her blog and enjoy all of her blogposts which are so inspiring! Trish gives us a lot of information about a lot of European and in particular about a lot of French antiques and more intresting items (even of my country Belgium)! In an elegant way Trish her posts are woven with a bit of history. Just wonderful!
I really want to thank Trish for mentionning me and my blog in one of her latest blogposts
You have to scroll down her blog to discover the most wonderful posts!
A few of my favourite posts (click on the titles to discover) :

Belgian garage

If you like to discover the Trouvais blogpost of today, please click on the image below.

Have a wonderful weekend!
all images : Trouvais blog


  1. Hola ... estoy de acuerdo Greet .. TROUVAIS es fantástico ... siempre hermosa .... Feliz fin de semana .... Berta

  2. All gorgeous images...will have to check it out! Tracey xx

  3. Always a treat to visit your blog. Thanks for sharing the wonderful images. ~ Sarah

  4. HI Greet
    I can see why you love it so much. Gorgeous gorgeous images transporting us to another world. I will be off to have a look. Thanks.. have a great weekend. Julie

  5. Hi,
    The pictures are so beautiful. I will run to her blog and just enjoy.


  6. Greet-
    The blog is full of lucky pearls!
    I am off to take a look -

  7. Thanks Greet!
    The images are beautiful! I love the shot of the chandelier in the van.......

  8. What beautiful images! Thank you for the introduction. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  9. I must agree ~ Trouvais is an absolute delight!


  10. I love that to peek at the blog! The Images are wonderful!

  11. Hi Greet. Thank you again for such a nice post. I am very honored! And so inspired by your pearls of Belgian beauty. You and your brother are so cute together. Which one is the baby of the family? XO Trish

  12. Hello Greet!
    I have to agree with all that you have said regarding Trish and her wonderful blog Trouvais! I have been following her for a while now and enjoy her informative and beautiful posts! ....and of course, I Love YOUR blog too! Hope you have a great week!
    Take care, Laura