Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Eye-catching interiors

Always searching for the right inspiring pictures to present at my client, my experience is that there are some pictures in my files which always catch my attention!
So that's why I want to show you some of them and maybe one of these will be an eye-catcher to you.

Neutral colours.

The red colour of the seatfabric in an almost white surrounding. So peaceful.
Image Alexandra Siebelink
That seat!!!

Wonderful combination ! The colour of the sofa, the antique vases and the cabinet are all of a kind.

Image Alexandra Siebelink

The peaceful modern painting above an antique table.

Again these beautiful chairs.

I feel as being in the dining room of a castle!

A big kitchentable with a combination of different chairs. Why not?

I love all of it!

Love the chairs!

So inviting to take a seat!

Meditating room

The colour and the pattern of the walnut paneling and cabinetry add warmth to this room.

I feel Autumn in here!

The seat, the footstool and that wine table!

My eyes are always first focused on that dining room and in slow motion they come back to the foreground of the image.

This could be my future office!!!

The big fire place, the beautiful chandelier, the grey tones,...

Natural materials used here as brick for walls and floor and the linen fabric for the sofa.

This was the inspiring picture for my own library at home.

Bringing in a vivid colour.

The warmth of the oak paneling and matching colours for the curtains , the seat and the floor.

Dark colours for the furniture and the beige linen for the sofa.

Beautiful wooden table on the brick floor and the shape of the steel windows!

I wonder which images you will pick out?
Source for the unknown source of some of the images.


  1. greet, you always inspire!

    my very favorite room is image no. 1, love everything!

    image 12, the chaise is gorgeous but the landscape designer in me was drawn to the garden....wanted to see more

    image 25, oh, the warmth of the brick walls, amazing

    image 30, everything! what a space for entertaining; the height, floor, windows, multicolored chairs, lovely.

    do you have belgian magazines you could recommend subscribing to?
    thank you for sharing

  2. Beautiful photographs of beautiful spaces! I understand why they are in your inspiration file. I don't think I can pick a favorite. They are all lovely.

  3. Greet, all fabulous as per normal but my personal favourites are photos 24 & 26 - simply gorgeous.

    Leeann x

  4. My favorites are images 12 and 13! THOSE HEDGES!!!! Just, wow. And the texture of limepaint works so well on all of the architectural detailing of 13. Beautiful, beautiful..

  5. Very difficult to choose.... Would love to see 200 years from now the patina on walnut walls of #17.

  6. Image 24...and your orangery! So inspiring. Oh, Greet I found the most beautiful set of mirrored French doors (saved from an Italian villa)...and I think they're too big to fit in my front door! Dreaming meets reality. But thank you for such dreamy pictures. Trish

  7. Greet,

    So much inspiration .. . but, my personal favorites are :
    #4 - that perfect red chair!
    #12 - the replication of the curve of the chaise
    and the curve in the hedge!
    #16 - every inch pure Axel!

    Thanks for this beautiful post -


  8. Ooooooo! Lovely lovely! I especially love the kitchen table with the different chairs. I can imagine sitting there all afternoon enjoying friends and delicious things to eat.

    Oh! And the library with e grey sofa!

  9. Dear Greet: So nice to stop by and see the source of inspiration for your amazing taste!
    Wonderful photographs
    The Chukker

  10. HI Greet
    All gorgeous images. I always like the wonderful light in the images you display. Two of my favourite things repeat in your photos. Those wonderful wicker chairs, and wide brimmed lampshades.

    Have a fabulous week. Julie

  11. Wauw! This is really eyecatching!! The chandelier ( image 24) would be perfect in your orangerie!

  12. Wow, wow, wow, there are too many gorgeous photos here to take in at one time. I'm going to have to come back and look at them all again. :)

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  14. Absolutely gorgeous! My favorite is image #2. I love this spare, elegant style of decorating. It may be time to find a new home for some of my furniture...this gives me ideas.


  15. Greet, these images are mesmerizing. I've had the chance to visit Kasteel Gravenwezel on two occasions and these photos of the original kitchen, oriental salon and study take me back there. I am renovating my antebellum house (c. 1858) in Tennessee now and your site provides much inspiration. Thank you!!!

  16. Hello Greet ..... I like everything ... every I like more the Belgian style ... I find your hot cozy,hospitable and most beautiful houses ... my near(next) furniture will be Belgian ..... ¡¡¡¡¡ Berta have a nice day ¡¡¡¡

  17. Hoi Greet, wat heb je ons laten genieten van veel mooie plaatjes. Nr. 8, 24 en 31 sprongen er voor mij uit. Ik hou heel erg van naturellen en grijstonen. nr. aan die tafel wil ik zo aanschuiven, de prachtige rieten stoelen en de kroonluchter... Nr. 24 De mooie grijstonen, de stoelen, kroonluchter en die enorme haard en nr. 31 die eetkamerstoelen vind ik geweldig.
    Ik heb weer even heerlijk weg kunnen dromen bij al dit moois.
    Fijne dag en een lieve groet, Mea

  18. Hello - so happy to have found you and look forward to following along

  19. very very nice Greet,

    My favourites are the axel vervoordt, the garnier's and the rozenhof off course, they are such perfection.


  20. Hello Greet, My favorite is the red chair room! Love all your fotos. Come take a walk in my garden.

  21. Greet,
    There is something delightful in every picture....I love that linen sofa in picture 39. Beautiful, I drool.

  22. Greet! Great pics! I love all the of them but especially the chandeliers, the muted colors, the different chairs around the table, and the modern painting above the antique table. I love that juxtaposition. Just great inpsiration!

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  24. Greet, I give up! Just too many beautiful images. I don't even know where to start... Maybe with image 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5... And 14. I love those chairs as well. And I can see my own old gray chairs with fab. leather seats like that. As always, you always find the best. Happy week! OX Monika

  25. thank you for stopping by! this is so overwhelming! too much beautiful designs at one go, i need to calm myself down first. everything just looks so lovely, id go crazy if i had to choose one. i really love your blog, its so authentic, and youre my to go blog whenever i want some french inspired interiors, which is all the time, haha.

  26. Image 1 and 24 are seriously pulling at my heart strings. Love at first sight!