Wednesday, December 17, 2014

MILIEU Winter 2015


Whenever I receive my copy of the latest issue of MILIEU, I can’t wait to browse the magazine! All those interesting articles to read, as again in this Winter 2015 issue !

Cover Milieu Winter 2015 (2)Cover MILIEU Winter 2015

So many interesting stories to read and inspiring interior design pictures to see!

A sneak peek into this winter’s issue of MILIEU…


Choose your table!

1 TABLE IT (Page 62)   Rooms photographed by Nicolas Bruant


The English company Rush Matters produces traditional hand-woven matting that graces the floors of properties as diverse as New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and Frick Collection, National Trust houses throughout Engeland, and the interiors of homes designed by Michael Smith and Robert Couturier. And their log baskets are sold through Ralph Lauren stores worldwide.

2RUSH MATTERS The centuries-old craft and art of making rugs, carpets, and baskets from harvested rush enduries in Felicity Irons ’s English workshop. (Page 69)    Photography by Miguel Flores-Vianna



Peter Vitale, photographer and MILIEU’s editor at large, takes us along to make the tour of his own LA residence.

3 DECO GOES MODERN A period apartment in Los Angeles embraces its era while reflecting the eclectic tastes of its current owners. (Page 98)   Photography by Peter Vitale


You shouldn’t miss this article about a beautiful lake house. Absolutely stunning interior design by Shannon Bowers.

4INSPIRED BY NATURE Quietly refined antiques, white linen, and light-filled rooms reinvent a home by the lake. (Page 108)   Photography by Peter Vitale


  …and so much more !

Cover MILIEU Winter 2015MILIEU Winter 2015

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas decorations at home


As every year I’m here again with a blogpost about our home Christmas decorations.

I do not like over the top decorations and therefore I try to add in every room only some touches of Christmas decorations, except in the dining room where I put up our Christmas tree.

11Candles, pine branches and cones on our living room mantel.


13Our Christmas tree awaiting wrapped Christmas gifts.


12Tree ornament.


9Candles and tealights on the dining room table.


10 I love to decorate with red berries. One of my favorite Christmas decorations.


And some small touches everywhere around…







7A single pine tree branch on the wall of our orangery that makes the difference…


8Terrace table decoration.


5Front door lantern.


6Front door Christmas tree.



I hope you enjoyed this Christmas decoration post of today.

Talk to you soon!



All pictures by me

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Belgique Excentrique


‘Belgique Excentrique’ is the title of a recently published book about Belgian interiors. Author Thijs Demeulemeester – Photography by Diane Hendrikx.



Cover ‘Belgique Excentrique’ by Thijs Demeulemeester & Diane Hendrikx - Luster Publishing Belgium


Belgian interiors usually evoke refined country rustic interiors with a muted and neutral color palette, with all tones of beige and greige. Spaces tending to be furnished unpretentious without clutter.

With this book, journalist Thijs Demeulemeester and photographer Diane Hendrikx, wanted to reveal other enchanting beauty behind the façades of Belgian homes.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 17.18.09Belgique Excentrique book spread – Photo credit Diane Hendrikx


They selected 16 flamboyant and eccentric interiors of inspirational Belgian homeowners, from antique dealers, to collectors and decorators.

All interiors are colourful and fun, showing bizarre combinations of objects with different patterns and styles. The homeowners dare to follow their passion and combine pieces that are stylistically disparate but that create an interesting dialogue. A flea-market painting can easily hang close to ‘an old master’ painting. A geometric patterned wall paper combined with a baroque chandelier. ‘Eccentric’ means : no avoiding to combine a unique piece with serial products. ‘Eccentric’ does also mean : flirting with the limits of bad taste in making very daring combinations.


Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 17.17.13Belgique Excentrique book spread – Photo credit Diane Hendrikx


A lot of the homeowners are passionate collectors and every object they acquire, has its own story. It’s not necessarily about expensive pieces but more about the creative way of arranging the rooms they live in. The interiors in this book are the opposite of the ones that are too civilized and too well thought-out. We don’t have to take the interiors too seriously.

No beige or greige to find in this book, no peaceful symmetry, no minimalism to see. No perfectly balanced or formal interiors to discover. But eclectic maximalistic interiors where objects and their combinations are continuously catching your eye. ‘Curiosity rooms or cabinets’.

The homeowners, who are often professionals in decorative business, admit the influence of flamboyant 20th century decorators or set designers such as Tony Duquette, Billy Baldwin, Madeleine Castaing, David Hicks and Dorothy Draper.

It is a book full of flamboyance and personality, both in interiors and homeowners.


‘Belgique Excentrique’, your perfect Christmas gift.


To order the book, please click here.


DSC_0001My copy of the book is already completing my home library collection.   Picture by me




All photos with permission of Thijs Demeulemeester, author of Belgique Excentrique.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas styling



Every year I absolutely love to share with you my favorite Christmas decoration ideas.

I do hope you will enjoy this year’s ideas and I might hope they will inspire you to try them out for yourself.



 Christmas decorations inside the home…


46Source here


Mistletoe is one of my favorite Christmas decorations ever.

9Source here


Lots of candles around.

25Source here


10Source here


29Source here


20Source here


Different kinds of Christmas wreaths. Christmas wreaths don't have to be made from traditional evergreens,  mix them up with eucalyptus leaves, boxwood, lotus pods, etc.

21Source here


24Source here



Group some golden candles.

51Source here


Add greenery to the candlesticks.

28Source here


6Source here


Take your silverware out of the closet…

13Source here


Dried berries on a silver plate.

14Source here


19Source here


53Source here


Decorating the stairs…

Wrap the railing in garlands.

44Source here


Put candles on the stairs.

37Source here


Decorate your home furniture…

36Source here


63Source here


Let’s decorate the Christmas tree…

I am thinking about decorating this year’s tree with only pine cones.

27Source here


Would you dare to put burning candles in your Christmas tree this year ?

62Source here


Or would you rather opt for an abundantly decorated tree?

5Source here


7Source here


What about these beautiful glass ornaments with sprigs of holly, bayberry, and evergreens.

23Source here


This year’s favorite Christmas wrapping ideas…

50Source here


58Source here


Traditional wrapping, always perfect.

59Source here


What a gorgeous idea is this nutshell wrapping!

60Source here


Christmas table setting ideas…

54Source here


3Source here


42Source here


Love this idea for table place cards.

41Source here


 Don’t forget to give your food that little Christmas twist…

15Source here


52Source here


Let’s go decorate outdoors…


45Source here


4Source here



11Source here


1Source here


8Source here


34Source here


22Source here


31Source here


33Source here


32Source here


47Source here


And don’t forget to decorate your horse stable !

43Source here


Time to get ready for the most wonderful time of the year!

61Source here


Happy decorating !